Big E showcases young talent at 4-H livestock event


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many are discovering that no visit to The Big E is complete without appreciating the fair’s agricultural roots.

At the Mallory Building complex, the heart of 4-H accomplishments, young people from western New England farm families are judged on how expertly they’ve raised their farm animals. This is an opportunity open to all Big E visitors during the 17-day fair.

Blue ribbon recipients can be as young as 10-years-old, and Molly Bean of Willington, Connecticut is so proud of her achievement.

“It’s hard… they jump and stuff, but overall it’s good,” said Molly. And when asked where she finds the time to train she tells 22News, “I think like after school, whenever I can.”

These 4-H farm children, presenting the animals they’ve raised all by themselves have the admiration of the visitors viewing the competition. Kristie Lawrence from Coventry, Rhode Island would never miss coming to the Mallory building as part of her Big E experience.

“I get to see the children showing their cows, supporting local agriculture and I get to see products from different states,” said Lawrence. “I think it’s important everybody supports their local agriculture, buy local and if we don’t come and see and understand, we won’t have local agriculture and everything will come from the Midwest.”

So if you’re planning to visit The Big E during the final week of New England’s Great State Fair, put the agricultural side of the fair atop your agenda, and help keep the Four-H contributions thriving for generations to come.

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