Catalytic converter stolen from military support van at Eastfield Mall


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Catalytic converters were stolen off the mass military support van used for the Empowerment Center at the Eastfield Mall.

With the van being out of commission, the mass military support foundation won’t be able to transport items from their warehouse to the store. The cost for repair would be around $3,000.

Kenny Melanson, the executive director of the Mass Military Support Foundation said, “Yeah, they robbed us of everything that we need to keep this van up and going so we can keep shelves in here stocked. Until it gets back on the road we are just at the mercy of our volunteers and who might have a pickup truck that can help us get donations over here on the shelves.”

Melanson also said that since insurance won’t cover the repair cost, he is looking for public donations as anything will help.

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