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Chicopee is looking at the same ordinance Springfield proposed to help get illegal riders off the streets.

CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM)– Councilors at a Chicopee City Council meeting discussed new ways to crack down on illegal dirt bike riders, like increased fines and a gas sale ban, which will now be debated in a public hearing.

Chicopee is looking at the same ordinance Springfield proposed to help get illegal riders off the streets.

In a city council meeting tonight a gas sale ban was officially proposed, which would fine Chicopee gas station owners if they’re caught selling gas to dirt bike riders. The issue will now move on to a public hearing.

This comes after officials in Springfield and Holyoke announced they were working with Chicopee to crack down on these riders.

“We need to do it all at the same time, Holyoke is actually presenting it this month so we’re all going to have it at the same time instead of bouncing them back on each other,” said Chicopee city councilor Bill Courchesne.

Nothing has been passed yet in Springfield, but city councilor Orlando Ramos told Western Mass News they’re still in the planning phases but the ordinance is very much on the table.

“I’ve had some conversations with other cities and towns that have implemented this in the books and I shared that information with my colleagues and Chicopee and Holyoke as well so that we can take a regional approach to this problem,” said Ramos.

However, the ordinance has been controversial among some gas station owners, including CEO and owner of Pride Stores Bob Bolduc. He told Western Mass News he’s frustrated that Chicopee is proposing exactly what Springfield proposed, which he says is dangerous for his employees.

“All of us in the industry consider this a dangerous idea we’ve made that very local in Springfield and Springfield as may be backed off we haven’t heard about it for about six weeks but it’s really kind of crazy to think that some young person is going to go out and stop some may be a bunch of young men who are maybe twice their size,” said Bolduc.

A fine increase for illegal riders will also go to a public hearing, $500 for the first offense, $1,000 for the second and $1,500 for the third offense.

A date for the public hearings has yet to be set.

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