Cleanup crews at South Hadley High School, city tries to find spot for in-person learning | News


Calen up crews were on scene Saturday at South Hadley High School as the city works to remove mold from the building.

SOUTH HADLEY, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–Clean-up crews were on scene today at South Hadley High School as the city works to remove the mold from the building.

Efforts continue to begin in-person learning for South Hadley High students

The timeline for the start of South Hadley High School classes remains unclear. South Hadley superintendent Jahmal Mosley said a mold problem inside is forcing the district to consider a plan B for educating students.

School officials exploring options after mold was found in South Hadley High School

State officials are refusing to allow remote learning and there is no clear timeline for when students will be able to enter the building. Mosley told Western Mass News the damp weather has mold removal companies working on overdrive throughout the region.

Now, he’s forced to consider a new in-person location for South Hadley high school’s 500 plus students.

How homeowners can protect their houses from mold and flooding

“We’re looking for partnerships and collaboration with other school districts, private and parochial as well as some of our local colleges,” said Mosley.

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