Delegation wants Governor Baker to get involved to prioritize Springfield courthouse


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Hampden County Courthouse remains closed after a mold infestation.

The Springfield delegation wants Governor Baker to get involved. Enough is enough for State Rep. Bud Williams, he’s asking Governor Baker to intervene and prioritize getting a new courthouse built.

The Roderick Ireland Courthouse has been closed for over a week while crews remediate a mold infestation.

“The wheels of justice have slowed down, we are at a grinding halt. This is the busiest courthouse in the Commonwealth, look there is no one here.” State Rep. Angelo Puppolo, 12th Hampden District

State. Representatives Angelo Puppolo and Bud Williams both agree the courthouse is beyond repair and are sick of seeing the Trial Court offer, what they call “band-aid” fixes. After 32 years working there, Williams firmly believes its the building that caused so many to get sick.

“In the 80s and 90s people have been rolled out of this building, by the ambulance and taken to hospitals.” State Rep. Bud Williams, 11th Hampden District

It was on Thursday State Rep. Bud Williams sent a letter to Governor Baker about the courthouse. He’s requesting the governor issue an emergency order to rehabilitate or build an entirely new courthouse.

“We need his intervention, we need him to be part of this process, anything short of that is a civil right violation.” State Rep. Bud Williams, 11th Hampden District

They’re also in full support of the class action lawsuit against the Trial Court that was filed this week. Although there are real concerns about the justice system in the short-term.

“There are concerns about trials, litigation and keeping things moving especially because everything is backed up due to COVID.” Attorney Laura Mangini

The Trial Court told 22News that they will determine the ability to reopen “based on environmental test results and the conclusion of the mold remediation”. That could also be subject to change with that new lawsuit.

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