Eating INDIAN FOOD for 24 HOURS in Washington D.C.!! Dosas, Butter Chicken & Thali | USA



Recently, I took a quick, one-day trip up to Washington, D.C. to explore the city’s Indian food scene, and of course, to check out some of the historical sites! Come along with me as I eat Indian food for 24 hours in Washington, D.C.

My day started at Saravana Palace in Fairfax, Virginia with my boy Kevin, who would be joining me on this Indian food adventure! They sell South Indian food, so I couldn’t wait to enjoy some dosas, idli, vada, and more!


There, we started on the paneer dosa, which I’d never had before. It was stuffed with paneer, vegetables, and herbs. It was amazing with the sambar—a little spicy, doughy, and creamy, and so flavorful! The coconut chutney was good enough to drink!

We also had mango lassi, which was thinner than other lassis I’d had and full of mango pulp and flavor. Next was the vada, which we dipped into all four dips! The combination was unreal and full of spice from the tomato chutney! It was also creamy and refreshing! The peanut chutney was thicker and nutty, but the coconut chutney was the best!

The idli soaked up the sambar and worked really well with the other chutneys, too. I loved it with the peanut chutney! Next, the uttapam contained tomatoes, peas, onions, cilantro, chilies, and herbs and was perfect with the coconut chutney. The Mysore dosa contained potatoes and was super savory and not too spicy.

Next was a massive puri with chole, which took me right back to Delhi. The doughy puri and chole with gravy, onions, and chilies was so authentic. Finally, the paper dosa with the coconut chutney was so crispy, and the peanut blew me away! Then, as we were leaving, they gave us gulab jamun and carrot halwa.

The gulab jamun was super sweet and syrupy, while the carrot halwa was crumbly, nutty, light, and tasty! Then, we headed to Butter Chicken Company in D.C.. Along the way, I tried a Limca soda and Thumb’s Up soda.

They only sell 300 orders per day at Butter Chicken Company, a fast casual lunch spot. I went with the butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, chana masala, and veg biryani. The biryani was so minty and full of carrots, corn, and herbs. I also loved the chicken tikka masala and the light chana masala. Everything was amazing with some garlic naan!

Next, we took a break from eating and walked past the White House to the Washington Monument. Along the way, we passed the Department of the Treasury and Capitol Hill. We passed a field of flags of people who have died from COVID and then headed to the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.

Then, after walking off our food, we drove through the Georgetown area to Bombay Street Food. We started with bhelpuri with mint and tamarind chutneys. It was light, refreshing and crunchy. The tamarind added some sweetness! Both chutneys together were incredible!

Their gobi Manchurian was both sweet and sour and had a nice, crispy texture. I cleansed my palate with some Taj Mahal beer and then jumped on the veg and non-veg thalis! The lamb rogaine josh was amazing and the raita cooled down my mouth. I loved the creamy saag paneer and the chicken tikka masala. The chana masala was really light and so tasty!

I also enjoyed the gobi Manchurian, and the naan with the juicy, tender lamb was excellent. The naan with the raita was also great and cooled down the heat in my mouth! The smoky and charred tandoori chicken was also melt-in-your-mouth amazing!

Last was the gulab jamun, which was a sugary syrup explosion in my mouth! What a way to end our Indian food tour!

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