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ORANGE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — The town of Orange remains under a state of emergency Monday night as crews continue to address the flood-damaged streets and structures.

Since the weekend, Royalston Road and Mill Yard Road have reopened.

The fire chief said part of Tully Road will remain closed until the MassDOT can inspect the bridge, and one small street is creatively dealing with a complete washout.

“It’s happened three times before,” Orange resident Derek Estler said.

Estler lives in one of the two houses on Flagg Road in Orange calling it one road now is a bit of a stretch following the weekend flooding.

[Reporter: Walk me through how you get across this.]

“You basically just step on that board, hold your balance, hop over onto the rock down onto the culvert, and then back across to the staging that I have set up,” Estler explained.

The other home is occupied by Lynne Stopen, who Western Mass News first spoke with Sunday night. She warned Estler of the latest washout over text.

“There are only two houses left,” other Flagg Road resident Lynne Stopen said.

“It’s the Grand Canyon all over again because that’s what it reminds us of,” Stopen said.

“It’s getting to be a little bit more frequent than I would like,” Estler added.

Estler said there’s still no word on when this quiet street will get repaired.

“Flagg Road at one time was a major road, but since farming ended many years ago, it’s just been pretty much abandoned,” Estler said.

For now, it remains closed to traffic.

ORANGE, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–The town of Orange’s fire chief called for a state of emergency Sund…

“Living out here, you’re kind of self-sufficient,” Estler said.

And to pretty much anyone who’s not brave enough to cross Estler’s way.

“Just jerry-rig it MacGyver.”

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