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Two years ago, both the Chelmsford and Littleton High School Field Hockey teams enjoyed great success in the MIAA State Tournament. The Lions reached the Division 1 North sectional semifinals and Littleton reached the Division 2 Central Mass semi-finals. Both teams were defeated and finished with respective records of 12-6-3 and 15-4-2 overall.
Last year there were no playoffs, but the Lions and Tigers still dominated to the tune of 7-0-1 and 9-1 records, despite the different rules and modifications to the sport, including no corners and playing 7-on-7. This fall, the original rules are back, so it’ll be 11-on-11, while the MIAA has changed over to the statewide playoff system, so it’ll be interesting to see where the likes of Chelmsford, Littleton as well as other traditionally strong teams such as Tyngsboro, Wilmington and perhaps Westford Academy – after a tough 2020 season – do in the new format.
This fall also marks the debut of three new coaches, Ann Palumbo (who is also the current Athletic Director) at Tyngsboro, Brooke Pacheco at Tewksbury, and Kathleen Valdina at Dracut.

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Last Year’s Record: 7-0-1
Returning Letterwinners: Captain Sarah Latham, sr., midfielder; Captain Maddie Priestly, sr., forward; Captain Lexi D’Angelo, sr., forward; Captain Remore Serra, jr., midfielder; Julia Pitts, sr., defense; Sofia Balan, sr., defense; Celia Lupoli, sr., goalie; Hannah Michaud, sr., forward; Emma DeTavi, sr., defense; AnneMarie Tyros, jr., defense; Emily Stagnone, jr., forward; Ava Hubbard, jr., forward.
Promising Newcomers: Ava Balan, soph., defense; Kate Harrison, soph., forward; Annika Froude, soph., goalie; Jillian Martin, fr., midfielder.
Coach Susan D’Agostino (3rd season): “After such a trying season last year, these players are more than excited to take the field back to 11-vs-11, with corners and no masks. They have worked diligently in the off-season and are ready to take this season head-on as a team built on unity. We have a tough schedule ahead and are excited for the challenge.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Returning Letterwinners: Katie Bazarian, sr., defense; Gabby Coffey, soph., forward; Saige Gil, sr., goalie; Maeve Pintal, sr., forward; Kutenda Mvududu, sr., forward; Rebecca Chen, sr., midfielder.
Promising Newcomers: Kaidence Geoffroy, jr., midfielder; Samantha Teneriello, soph., forward; Sabrina Vitale, fr., defense; Jillian Meeker, jr., defense.
Coach Kathleen Valdina (1st year): “We lost a lot of seniors last year that each had great talent. Our team is young, but we are eager and hungry for some wins. We work hard, and we don’t give up. Our athletes are determined to improve our record from last year.”


League: Midland Wachusett League B
Last Year’s Record: 1 – 8 – 1
Returning Letterwinners: Katy Paveglio, jr., midfielder; Captain Jenna Beauchain, sr., midfielder; Captain Molly McGinty, sr., forward; Taylor Caldwell, sr., defense; Julia Furman, jr., defense; Ivana Idarraga, sr., defense; Jenna Koch, soph., midfielder; Allison Neiley, soph., forward; Bella Paul, soph., defense; Lauren Haggerty, soph., defense.
Promising Newcomers: Caitlyn Saboliauskas, soph., goalie; and Annabelle Apigian, fr., goalie.
Coach Rachel Connerty (9th season): “Overall we are a young team learning to play together. With two new goalkeepers we need to solidify our defense. Looking for some scoring opportunities with Beauchain, McGinty, Paveglio, Koch and Neiley as attack.”

League: Mid-Wachusett C
Last Year’s Record: 9-1
Returning Letterwinners: Amanda Yurkoski, sr., forward; Hannah Cochran, sr., midfielder; Brittany Iverson, sr., forward; Kylie Beers, soph., defense; Belle Field, soph., forward; Amelia Rogers, soph., midfielder.
Promising newcomers: Kyra Manseau, sr., goalie; Alana DeLollis, soph., goalie; Lindsey Barbella, soph., midfielder.
Coach Diane Crory (24th season): “With the change in the line-up of teams (in our league) it will be interesting. I look to the dedication of the seniors to motivate the underclassmen to want to push forward, come as it may.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Last Year’s Record: 5-5
Returning Letterwinners: Carleigh Ahern, sr., defense; Katrina Russell, sr., forward; Gigi Paulino, sr., midfielder; Cate Shanahan, sr., forward; Fiona Haley, jr., midfielder; Molly Schribman, soph., goalie; Julia Perez Driscol, sr., goalie; Portia Yaboah, sr., defense; Abby Grenier, jr., forward; Ashley Anderson, jr., forward; Lacey Pare, jr., forward.
Promising Newcomers: Erin Asselin, soph., defense; Alicia Mansaray sr, defense; Gia Pena, sr., defense; Lola Haley, soph., defense; Maddy Boisvert, jr., forward; Quinn Petzold, soph., forward; Drea Defreitas, soph., forward.
Coach Lisa Kattar (24th season): “We are small in numbers, but we are strong as a United team.”

League: Mid-Wach B
Last Year’s Record: 5-4-1
Returning Letterwinners: Captain Carly Shugrue, sr., goalie; Captain Jessie Nadeau, sr., forward; Kendall O’Brien, soph., midfielder/forward; Kara Keins, jr., midfielder/forward; McKenzie Johnson, jr., defense; Fath Mazza, soph., midfielder; Lily Reidy, jr., defense; Aleena Frith, sr., midfielder/defense; Captain Taylor Poindexter, sr., defense; Ava. Rousseau, soph., midfielder/forward.
Promising Newcomers: MacKenzie Johnson, jr., for/midfielder; Carolyn Brodeur, soph., forward/midfielder; Shannon Nadeau, soph., midfielder; Gabriella Curtin, soph., midfielder; Abigail Lenart, soph., defense; Olivia Freeman, soph., forward; Kyla Benjamin, sr., midfielder/defense Sofia Caldwell, fr., for/midfielder; Rylie Stevens, fr., midfielder/defense; Lorelai Supernor, fr., mid/forward
Coach Kelly Marciano (17th season): “We lost our entire starting lining up with the exception of sophomore Kendall O’Brien and Senior Goalie Carly Shugrue. We are looking to rebuild this 2021 season. We are talented and hardworking, but we lack experience playing together. The goal is to gel on and off the field and build around our strengths. We are speedy, energetic and are already showing great character and discipline. We are playing in a very competitive league so we will need to come out strong and stay healthy.”

Team: Pelham
League: New Hampshire Division 2
Last Year’s Record: 5-3
Returning Letterwinners: Captain Reese Patchen, sr., defense; Captain Brooke Slaton, jr., midfielder; Kaleigh Davis, sr., midfielder; Makena Truong, sr., midfielder; Molly Coakley, soph., forward; Jessica Bevens, soph., midfielder.
Promising Newcomers: Lauren Lacoss, soph., midfielder; Emiley Vinciguerra, fr., midfielder; Kylie Almeida, fr., forward; Addie Breault, fr., goalie.
Coach Emma Brown (2nd season): “After losing ten seniors last year and having two returning starters this year, we have a new group of varsity athletes working together on the field. We have some new talent from our incoming freshman class and am excited to see how they come together as a cohesive team this season.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Last Year’s Record: 2-8-0
Returning Letterwinners: Mia Gaglione, sr., midfielder; Katerina Schille, soph., forward; Avery Dellapiana, soph., goalie; Aliana Kennen, sr., midfielder; Brianna Gagnon, sr., midfielder; Courtney Capachiette, sr., forward; Courtney Curtin, sr., defense; Elizabeth Kenneally, sr., midfielder; Ava Piccolo, sr., defense; Lauren Connors, sr., midfielder.
Promising Newcomers: Alexandria Macauda, jr., forward/midfielder; Ashley Demers, sr., def/midfielder; Abbigail Mahoney, jr., defense.
Coach Brooke Pacheco (1st season): “I am looking forward to seeing the girls play without restrictions. Last year we were confined to 7-vs-7 with no corners. Going back to 11-vs-11, I am focusing on game strategy, shape and speed of play. I can already tell that the girls respect and motivate one another so I am really looking forward to seeing their team camaraderie on the field.”

League: Mid-Wachusett C
Last Year’s Record: 4-1-2
Returning Letterwinners: Natalia Correia, sr., midfielder; Emma Hogan, sr., midfielder; Lily Wagner, sr., midfielder; Katerina Panagakis, sr., defense.
Promising Newcomers: Madisyn DeCarteret sr.; Izzi Schaffer, jr.; Kendall Times, soph.; Theodora Shortsianitis, soph.; Katelyn McAndrew, soph.; Brooke Cavanaugh, soph.; Julia Simmons, soph.; Jenna Vincent, fr.; Grace Angelo, fr.; Anna Poulios, fr.
Coach Ann Palumbo (1st season): “The Tigers are entering the season with a young team. The majority of which will be getting their first varsity experience this season. We are returning with a strong midfield/defensive core in seniors Correia, Hogan, Wagner and Panagakis. We are focused on working hard each practice and taking the season one game at a time.”

League: Dual County League:
Last Year’s Record: 0-7
Returning Letterwinners: Liv MacCormack, sr., forward; Liv Baumert, jr., defense; Owen deMars, sr., defense; Erin Blatt, jr., forward; Kyla Felicani, jr., midfielder; Madelyn Haley, jr., forward; Caitlyn Mahoney, jr., defense; Leah Solari, jr., midfielder; Tanya Vasireddy, sr., defense; Sarah Wizst, sr., defense.
Promising Newcomers: Jordan Bishop, soph., midfielder; Katherine Carroll, soph., defense; Lyndsay Duato, sr., goalie; Autumn Humphrey, soph., forward; Hannah Kennedy, jr., defense; Allison Lombardo, soph., midfielder; Emily Lux, soph., forward; Riya Palluri, sr., forward; Sarah Strzegowski, jr., midfielder/forward.
Coach Cheri Fisher (8th season): “We have a young team with a lot of great skill and potential. Everyone is eager to learn to play together and have fun on and off the field. Looking forward to a fun season, watching the team find our game and get a few wins along the way.”

League: Middlesex League Freedom Division
Last Year’s Record:
Returning Letterwinners: Marisa Bryan, sr., goalie; Allison Foley, sr., defense; Kailyn St. Jean, sr., midfielder; Celia Kulis, sr., midfielder; Rita Roche, sr., forward; Sonny Rebeiro, sr., forward; Jenna Danieli, sr., forward.
Promising Newcomers: Corinn Flanagan, sr., defense; Carina O’Donnell, jr., defense; Alyssa Rago, sr., defense; Emily Fothergill, sr., defense; Gabriella Monteforte, sr., midfielder; Amanda Solari, sr., midfielder; Nokomis Bramantecohen, sr., forward; Taylor Breen, sr., forward; Ava DeProfio, jr., forward.
Coach Leanne Ebert (11th season): “We have brought everything back to the basics here during the tryouts and the early part of the practices, so we’re already seeing some improvements. We are just trying to help them re-learn the basics. We have lower numbers this year, but we have a large group of seniors with 14 of them and they just all lead by example.”

CHELMSFORD: Remore Serra, jr., midfielder; Sarah Latham, sr., midfielder; Maddie Priestley, sr., forward; Lexi D’Angelo, sr., forward; DRACUT: Saige Gil, sr., goalie; Kutenda Mvududu, sr., forward; GROTON-DUNSTABLE: Molly McGinty, sr., forward; Jenna Beauchain, sr., midfielder; LITTLETON: Amanda Yurkowski, sr., forward; Hannah Cochran, sr., midfielder; LOWELL: Carleigh Ahern, sr., defense; NORTH MIDDLESEX: Kendall O’Brien, soph., forward; Carly Shughrue, sr., goalie; Jessie Nadeau, sr., forward; PELHAM: Reese Patchen, sr., defense; Brooke Slaton, jr., midfielder; TEWKSBURY: Katerina Schille, soph., forward; TYNGSBORO: Natalia Correira, sr., midfielder; Emma Hogan, sr., midfielder; Lily Wagner, sr., midfielder; Carrina Pianagakis, sr., defense; WILMINGTON: Celia Kulis, sr., midfielder; Rita Roche, sr., forward; Sonny Rebeiro, sr., forward.

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