How The China Communist Party Made Bitcoin Stronger


Recap of everything Bitcoin: Weekend Recap Edition
► Although Bitcoin’s hash rate took a decrease after China’s Bitcoin mining ban, the hash rate has recovered and is almost back at it’s all time high in May. Let’s see if Bitcoin’s hashrate will hit an alltime high by the end of the year. Join us discussing how these incentives of Bitcoin work in a decentralized fashion.

► Federal Reserve Vice Chair Clarida, traded between $1 million – $5 million out of a bond fund into stock funds just one day before Fed Chair Powell issued the emergency pandemic statement on Feb 28, 2020.

► Iran has lifted its ban on Bitcoin mining that was put forth in May, Iran’s cheap electricity attracts Bitcoin miners to increase profit margins.

► Check out our special guest, ambassador @satoshilabs & contributor @bitcoinmagazine, Joseph Stackerman

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Bitcoin Stats
1:45 – Daily Fail
15:20 – Meme Review
19:56 – BTC Daily News
41:37 – BTC Software Releases

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