I Set the Rail on Fire Today! Fire Snake in Action!!!


We set the rail on fire trying to fix a rail joint pull apart. Show you the rail on fire,
the Fire Snake we used and explain how we got the rail ends to meet back up.
Along with the Fire Snake I used special tapered drift pins to help pull the rail and I
will show you those drift pins and explain how I used them.

The 3 bolts on the one end of the joint bar had broken for whatever reason,
which wasn’t helped by the mud in that joint causing the joint to pump,
this section is on the list to get cribbed out soon. The cooler night time temperatures
along with the train passing over it, caused the rail to then pull apart.
We used Fire Snake laid along the base of the rail to cause the rail to expand
and “grow back” together.

There is no exact formula on how much Fire Snake is used for each
pull apart. Every pull apart is different, the longer the pull apart in length
and the colder it is, then the more cans of Fire Snake we must use.
I’ve had pull aparts that only used 1 can and the worst one I ever had
took 19 cans of Fire Snake! This one took 6. Cold rainy weather or cold windy
weather is the worst to get rail to grow back together. 1 can of Fire Snake
the last time we bought it was $80. With 17 miles of jointed rail we typically
find 6 to 8 rail pull aparts a year. Once I can get the rail to move enough
to get a drift pin started I can always pull it the rest of the way with the
drift pin and a big sledge hammer.

We also have used Fire Rope. It is a special rope bout 3/4 inch thick and about
50 feet in length. We put it in an empty Fire Snake can and fill the can with
diesel fuel. The Rope is like a wick in a kerosene lantern. It absorbs and fuel
and then burns. It burns a bit less time than the Fire Snake, but I believe it is a bit
hotter than the gel filled packs. The Fire Snake is a lot less sloppy than the diesel
soaked rope is to work with.

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