Lawmakers working with Springfield city officials to keep criminals off the streets


BOSTON (WWLP) – A bill before the state legislature is gaining the attention of local officials in western Massachusetts.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno said he’s serious about keeping criminals off the streets of his city that’s why he’s teaming up with lawmakers on Beacon Hill to pass a bail appeals bill. The Judiciary Committee met virtually on Tuesday to discuss matters related to the criminal justice system.

One of the bills they took testimony on would allow a prosecutor to appeal a judge’s bail decision if they believe the individual poses a risk to the general public.

“There’s been far too many cases you know that criminals have been let out on very little or no bail in the morning, they’re back out on the streets and they recommit crimes even some more heinous crimes,” State Rep. Angelo Puppolo told 22News.

The Judiciary Committee didn’t receive any testimony against the bill, however civil rights activists have come out against it online stating that it would give prosecutors additional power that they should not have and could keep innocent people behind bars for a longer period of time.

Committee members didn’t get a chance to vote on the bill on Tuesday.

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