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Friday, lawmakers demanded change for the building, elevating the blame for its unsanitary conditions on the Governor.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–Western Mass News is covering another chapter in the Springfield courthouse’s troubled history.

Friday, lawmakers demanded change for the building, elevating the blame for its unsanitary conditions on the Governor.

The building has been closed for more than a week after visible mold was found growing inside. Thursday, a class-action lawsuit was announced against the Mass Trial Court filed by employees who have to work here. Friday, lawmakers demanded the Governor take stronger action.

“We’re all in unison that anything short of a new courthouse at this point is not going to be good enough,” said Representative Angelo Puppolo Jr. of the 12th Hampden District.

The Roderick Ireland Courthouse is still closed due to mold, but the front steps have been a busy place over the last week.

Employees have been trying to bring attention to the moldy conditions inside and to the other health concerns they’ve had for years.

After feeling ignored by the state’s Trial Court Friday, state lawmakers tried to pressure Governor Charlie Baker, signing a letter requesting an emergency order for a permanent fix.

“We reached out to governor baker. he’s going to say ‘the Trial Court told me to mind my business basically and stay out of it. That’s unacceptable,” said Representative Bud Williams of the 11th Hampden District.

That is essentially what the Governor said earlier this week when asked about the Courthouse. When Western Mass News reached out again on Friday, officials with the baker administration said they’ve been in touch with Trial Court and have offered assistance, but told us ultimately the building is not under the Governor’s control. Officials with the administration did say the Department of Public Health has conducted a total of six indoor air quality tests since 2006.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–Roderick Ireland Courthouse in Springfield has been closed for …

Mass Trial Court also told us they hired a consultant to assess the building and recommend fixes in July. After the mold was discovered last week, they hired an environmental testing firm.

“We’ve pleaded our case long enough, the results do not change. you know, we can get a test and it could be good tomorrow and then three weeks later, we’ve got more green or black mold,” said Puppolo Jr.

Lawmakers said waiting for more studies will take too long.

“We might have to circumvent that system. We can’t wait. We don’t have time to wait 10 years for a courthouse,” said Williams.

Trial Court said they are absorbing the cost of mold abatement. They expect more information on the condition of the current mold situation this weekend.

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