Local liquor stores see shortage in alcohol brands as holidays approach


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many liquor stores are dealing with a product shortage, another byproduct of the pandemic. So, what could this mean for your upcoming holiday gatherings? 

The key takeaway is to buy early. One package store owner told 22News this is the worst it has been in 30 years. It was another busy Friday night at Bertelli’s Liquors in West Springfield. Many people stocking up for a long holiday weekend. 

But like so many package stores across the state and the nation, Bertelli’s is feeling the effects of product shortages.

Don: You said you’re limited to some things, so what does that look like for you? 

Michael Passerini, store owner: Well certain things like cognac. Like half gallons of Hennessey. I’m only getting a very little supply.  So, I can’t sell cases. I can’t have somebody come and want to buy a case. 

Devin Duca of New Hampshire told 22News, “Now that I’ve heard that there might be a shortage on alcohol, I mean, haha. Something that a lot of people like to take their time out on the weekends to consume, but, I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ll probably stock up a little bit.” 

So, why the shortage? 

Passerini tells 22News that distributors give him a variety of reasons, from a glass shortage to hang-ups in the supply chain overseas. He recommends stocking up on your favorite booze now, well before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 

He said, “You don’t want people to panic buy, but on the other hand there are some issues going on that I don’t see an end in sight on certain products so.” 

So for now, he’s forced to limit purchases on some items, which has come as a surprise to local customers. 

“It’s the only thing that wasn’t a shortage during the whole pandemic,” said Lindsay Mazik. “It kept me going ya know..haha.  So, I had no idea. This is new, I’m processing.” 

Some of the other items in short supply, tequila, and some beer brands. 

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