Massachusetts Lottery hit record of more than $1B profit


(WWLP) – The Massachusetts Lottery has produced more than $1.1 billion in net profit in the fiscal year of 2021, the highest in the lottery’s 50-year history.

Each year the state Lottery returns net profits to the state for distribution of essential unrestricted local aid.
Massachusetts communities can choose how they would like to use the funding, whether its for public safety staffing, local road improvements or even senior programming.

“We are extremely pleased, that despite experiencing a challenging business environment, the Lottery has
achieved this record setting performance,” said State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg, Chair of the
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. “Thanks to the Lottery team, our retail partners, and most
importantly, our customers, we are able to meet our mission of providing critical resources to every
community in the state.”

One problem facing the lottery now is a shortage of betting slips. Lottery slips are facing the same supply crunch that many other products are which has the lottery commission discussing their options to keep the game going into the near future.

Some options being discussed are to temporarily use non-recycled paper to increase supply. One lottery commission chair even suggested moving the lottery online to make it less reliant on physical paper and in-person transactions.

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