MoDOT, St. Louis County PD to do wellness checks on stranded drivers |


( – MoDOT says they are going to be doing wellness checks on motorists stranded on closed highways.

The latest information on this weekend’s winter storm that is expected to bring several inches of snow to the Metro area.

As of 1 p.m. Saturday, I-64 in Chesterfield has been cleared and traffic is flowing once again. 

St. Louis County police did wellness checks on drivers stranded on I-44.

Blockage on I-44 lasted from Friday afternoon well into Saturday afternoon, with drivers, passengers and truckers being forced to camp out in their vehicles for over 15 hours. 

At 2 p.m., MoDOT said its crews removed all vehicles and plowed the eastbound lanes of I-44, reopening all lanes.

It encouraged any commuters to still practice extreme caution if not avoid the area altogether. It also said the possibility of the roads refreezing overnight was another concern.

MoDOT said most vehicles became stranded due to the slick roads, which resulted in a multitude of other vehicles causing a traffic back-up because of the inability to get around the stalled vehicles.

In the wellness checks, a MoDOT spokesperson said they’ll make sure cars have fuel and occupants have water and food.

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