Mohawk Trail businesses preparing for busy holiday weekend


SHELBURNE FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – This could be a colossal Columbus Day weekend for businesses along the Mohawk Trail in Franklin county.

Richly colored leaves help swell the Mohawk Trail with visitors from all over the world, particularly from where fall foliage never appears in their backyard. Along the Mohawk Trail at the iconic Hager’s Market, this Columbus Day may find more than the usual number of people picking apples.

“The pandemic has kept people in for so long, now people are just anxious to get out, do something and right now they can come do something. Come and pick apples and really enjoy it,” said Chip Hager, owner of Hager’s Farm.

Savvy leaf peepers traditionally pay their respects to Shelburne Falls. The village is known world-wide as a must-visit destination just off the Mohawk Trail.

The owner of the Foxtown Diner, Tom Minor, expects to be busy, very busy, “Last weekend when we reopened, if there’s anything like it going on… we had people from Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, all over the place. Everyone was hungry which is always a good thing.”

How do you feel about having a lot of people in town?

“I think it’s good for the town. It brings a lot of business, the past few years,” said Donna Williams of Shelburne Falls.

Now, it’s up to the quality of the foliage to do the rest. Experience has taught these folks along the Mohawk Trail to start expecting a rush of Columbus Day weekend travelers as early as Thursday afternoon.

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