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Voters are selecting final candidates for mayor and two at-large city council seats.

NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–Voters headed to the polls in Northampton Tuesday for primary elections. They’re selecting final candidates for mayor and two at-large city council seats.

“Absolutely, and maybe a couple of texts too, I’m that annoying friend,” said Kaliis Smith of Northampton.

Smith went to the polls on Tuesday in Northampton to let her voice be heard. She did what she could to remind others in her social circle that it is primary election day and to go out and vote.

“The more people that show up earlier on to get the candidates that they actually like on later ballots. The better off everybody probably will be happier with the results,” said Smith.

The City Clerk in Northampton, Pamela Powers, told Western Mass News just over 600 people requested mail-in ballots and 400 people came in person for early voting. She expected about a 20 percent voter turnout overall.

That’s in a race of four candidates for an open Mayor seat and five candidates for two At-Large City Council seats.

She told Western Mass News why she thinks more people are not turning out.

“People are more interested in state positions, federal elections. Municipal elections just don’t have the same type of draw,” said Powers.

Another Northampton resident told us why it’s important for voters to cast their ballots.

“The mayor and the council level is going to affect your life in Northampton. And you at least can feel like you participated in shaping how that happened,” said Michael Case of Northampton.

Polls closed at 8:00 Tuesday night. Two mayoral candidates and four At-Large City Council candidates will move on to the November election.

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