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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — Well, it seems like all we’ve been talking about is the rain and we’ve learned this heavy rain has really had an effect on people’s backyard pools.

Rain, rain, go away. That’s what all pool owners are saying. Anne Arslan has owned a pool for about 27 years. She told Western Mass News that this summer, the only one who has really been able to use the pool is her dog.

“Why have a pool and have it open if you can’t be out there,” Arslan noted.

Not only can pool owners like Arslan not use their pool, they are also running into problems with all the heavy rain.

“The water is almost right to the top of it. It’s been difficult to keep up with it,” Arslan explained.

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Pool supply store Aquatique has been very busy these past few weeks, draining customer’s pools because of the heavy rain

“The water level goes too high and then you have to take it out. Some of my customers say they’ve done it four or five times already,” said Michele Stratman, owner of Aquatique.

Rain is also acidic and it can mess with the chemicals in the pool, making it unsafe to take a dip. Stratman suggested that people at home test their pools after heavy rain before taking a swim.

“Test your water, make sure you have a good chlorine reading, pH, alkalinity, everything like that,” Stratman added.

Until they get some sunny weather, pool owners will only be doing one thing. “Praying for good weather, just praying for good weather,” Arslan said.

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