Several new laws go into effect on October 1 in Connecticut


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Many new laws will take will go into effect on Friday, October 1.

Passed as part of legalizing recreational marijuana, patients who use medical cannabis can start growing their own at home. Only residents who are prescribed marijuana can grow up to six plants.

Recreational cannabis users have to wait until 2023 to grow at home.

Parts of the expanded bottle bill will take effect too. Some stores will have to have reverse vending machines that will accept empty containers and a five-cent surcharge will be put on those miniature bottles of liquor called “nips.”

Another law includes expanding the definition of domestic violence. The law is designed to address the experiences of survivors of all forms of domestic violence.

A stricter rule to promote pedestrian safety will also go into effect.

Other laws include:

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