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WESTFIELD, MASS. (WWLP)- The Sons of Erin held a tribute on Saturday, in memory of three of their own who died during 9/11.

The Sons of Erin ceremony was attended by hundreds who came to honor the memory of Tara Shea Creamer, Daniel Trant, and Brian Murphy.

Sons of Erin had years before dedicated this monument to the three Westfield residents who were so proud of their Irish heritage. A roster of prominent speakers came forward to honor those lost to their families and their nation. Matthew Trant told 22News of his deepest thoughts about the loss of a brother.

“We need to remember and never forget the meaning of all life. Which is coming together supporting one another and that is what’s special,” Trant said.

“So it’s more of instead of being negative, it’s positive and keep memories alive after they were lost,” Westfield Mayor Don Humason said.

September 11, 20 years later in Westfield where three families suffered a monumental loss, as did the Sons of Erin. Which properly honored Tara Creamer, Daniel Trant and Brian Murphy.

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