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Nearly nonstop rain for two weeks is making for a tough farming season.

SOUTH HADLEY, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — All of this rain recently has local farms concerned for their crops. One local farm owner said Monday that this weather could even be bad news for pumpkin picking later this fall.

“We passed a stream on the way down and it’s now a big pond in the stream and I’ve never seen that. In 60 years, I’ve never seen that. It just, for this time of year, it’s just an insane amount of rain. It’s unbelievable,” said Stephen McCray, owner of McCray’s Farm in South Hadley.

Nearly nonstop rain for two weeks is making for a tough farming season.

“It’s all about weather. This whole entire operation is all about the weather, so the last two weeks in general have been kinda crappy,” McCray added.

McCray told Western Mass News that their pumpkin patch attracts many customers every fall, but some of the pumpkins are already dying from the rain.

“Right here on the hill, they’re good, they’re fine. We’ve got spots over here where you see the water and they’re just…they’re already dead. They’re drowned,” McCray noted.

McCray said right now, about 10 percent of the crop is gone. He said it’s not time to panic yet, but a couple more weeks of this rainy weather wouldn’t be good news.

“If we get washed out of pumpkin season, it’ll be brutal. I’ll be in tears because it’s just…there’s so much work put into these,” McCray explained.

With a chance for more rain in the coming days, he’s worried.

“I look at the 10-day forecast probably five times a day, just hoping that I can see some sunshine coming,” McCray added.

McCray said sun and wind is what he’s looking for now.

“Some of these pumpkins are just dead, but hopefully, if we get some heat, they dry out and we’ll be okay,” McCray said.

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