Students return to $10.5M Center School in Greenfield


GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Students are returning to Center School in Greenfield for the first time since the new school underwent a $10.5 million project.

The new school now located on 30 acres of 739 Bernardston Road was completed in June and will welcome 130 children in preschool through 8th grade. Each class is supplied with two learning spaces, an indoor classroom and a forest classroom.

Masks are required unless the students are outside or eating socially distanced.

According to a news release sent to 22News from the Director of Admissions and Outreach, Lauren Obregón the school was founded in 1981 by members including including Ruth Charney, Marlynn Clayton, Jay Lord and Chip Wood.

The front of the new building, as of June 8, 2021 (The Chronicle)

The school’s 2021 biennial publication, The Chronicle explains how the new campus project came to life with donation to a capital campaign. In 2018, donors had pledged more than $5 million, and grown to $6.2 million in February 2020.

“When I got involved, we were already talking to folks about a new building,” said Amanda Richard, who coordinates the Capital Campaign. “Certain lead donors – current parents and grandparents – led the way. Our very first gift came through Marilyn Clayton, a founder of the school. Her parents were always supportive, and they left the school $300,000 as a bequest.”

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