Temperature trends for Western Massachusetts


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This past weekend, temperatures felt cool, but they were just about average.

Both Saturday and Sunday temperatures were 65 degrees and now as we head through the week, the area is expected to warm up and have temperatures above average for the next 5 days. The area will be under high pressure for the next few days, which will allow for warmer air to make its way into our region.

Winds around a high-pressure system move clockwise, so residents will notice winds will be coming from the south. To the south is warmer air, so this wind pattern will usher in warmer air. As Thursday and Friday approach a warm front will start to push into the region, which will bring even more warm weather. Therefore, for the second half of the week will have warmer weather. Right behind that warm front that is expected to move through our region late this week is a cold front, which will bring much more seasonable weather for this time of year, it will also bring a few showers to the area on Saturday. 

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