Top 10 Least Religious States in the United States (You will be surprised)


Top 10 Least Religious States in the United States

Most Religious States:

The American public is becoming less religious. At least by some key measures of what it means to be a religious person to most people.

A recent survey of almost 40K U.S. adults finds that the percentage who say they believe in a higher power, pray daily, and go to church or other religious services have all declined in recent years. As far as people saying they are religious, well that has sort of stayed the same maybe went up a fraction. A lot of millennials are still religious; they just prefer not to get a church or other place of worship involved. They’d rather do it themselves.
Today’s video is about the least religious states. A subject that has been requested an ungodly amount of times. This is from the most recent survey from Pew Research.
I was surprised by the numbers and very surprised what the last 3 states were.

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