Townwide tag sale held throughout South Hadley on Columbus Day


SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The town of South Hadley is famous for its townwide tag sales on Columbus Day.

It’s what you might call a tag sale lovers paradise with lawn after lawn laid out with whatever the homeowner wants to sell to crowds of visitors shopping around from lawn to lawn.

“Furniture, definitely. (So how much furniture in your house have you sold here in the course of a year?) A lot of furniture, I’ve sold a lot of furniture,” said Stephanie Wall of South Hadley.

There are times when the desire for furniture is superseded by a really unique item that passersby feel they must have. One veteran tag sale resident remembers just such an icon she was selling.

“We had a giant huge blow up patriots sign. It went for about $30, everybody wanted it but they all liked the guy,” said Amy Rotak of South Hadley.

This Columbus Day tradition is so popular, it gets in your blood. Although South Hadley native Vanessa Fortin now lives in Greenfield, she returns year after year to make at least one purchase, “My lamp broke while I was camping and for $5, I got a really good one and I bought the best stuff in this town on Columbus Day.”

Although there were fewer yard sales this Columbus Day, neighbors say it’s because of the pandemic. Many still carry on this iconic tradition and for every yard filled with family heirlooms there are clusters of customers looking for something of value.

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