[Traffic Cam] [Quick Clips] Encampment fires, AMR oops, E4 and more!


Hey traffic cam fans, welcome to another edition of Quick Clips! This week we have some large responses, plenty of smoke, and some birds! We also have footage apparently confirming that AMR doesn’t have back-up cameras in their ambulances 😬

Engine 4 (7:44) is used to shuttle fireboat crews between the two stations that have fireboats (only one of the two stations is typically staffed at one time). You can see a picture of E4 on my flickr: https://flic.kr/p/2iVjzkS

The outro footage is interesting because it’s from a camera that isn’t on the SDOT map yet! Over the weekend, there were a bunch of cameras that linked to the wrong feed when you clicked on them, ie, clicking on the map on a camera in Ballard displayed footage from a camera downtown instead.

Two of the cameras I tried linked to footage from cameras that aren’t on the SDOT map. The outro footage came from clicking the camera at 23rd / S Judkins St, but the footage is from a camera at Airport Way S / S Lucile St.

The S Judkins St camera now links to the right place, so there’s no way to access footage from the Airport Way camera. Weird, right? The other “new” camera that I found was one at 24th and Market, linked to from a camera on Highway 99.

Thanks for watching, and hopefully it won’t be such a long wait for the next video!

Clip listing:
0:00 – Intro
0:05 – AMR backs into tow truck
1:19 – Response to 2-alarm fire
5:19 – Encampment fires
5:53 – Birds of the Month
6:45 – Random SFD responses, including Chief Parade, E4 and a convoy
8:15 – Outro

Intro/Outro music: Twelve Speed, by Slynk, via the YouTube Audio Library.


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