U.S. Citizenship Interview 2021 – Sample test #2


U.S. Citizenship Interview 2021 – Sample test #2 (N400 Interview)
U.S. citizenship interview questions 2021 are updated newly.
This video is useful for interview preparation of USCIS conducted US citizenship civics exam for USA naturalization. The video consists: Small talk questions, Personal information questions and Yes/No questions in N400 application form, latest civics questions and answers, and reading and writing question, for the U.S. Citizenship Interview updated for 2021.

In the naturalization interview, applicants shall be asked up to 10 questions from the official list of 100 questions. One has to answer correctly 6 of the 10 questions to qualify for the civics test.
In the reading test of the U.S. Citizenhsip interview, you will only need to read 1 sentence correctly to pass and you can read up to 3 sentences, in the writing test you only need to write 1 correct sentence to pass and a maximum of 3 sentences can be written.
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