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Whether your visiting Salem or moving to Salem, this video is for you!!! Stay updated with what’s happening in Salem, MA all year long by going to the Salem Haunted Happenings page @ To learn more about Salem, MA and to get information on parking go to or

I hope you find this video helpful! I will also have a few shorter videos on Gallows Hill, where they buried the Salem witches, Hocus Pocus filming locations, and how the Salem witches connect to the Conjuring World (Ed & Lorraine Warren’s investigations). Please like, subscribe, comment, & share so that YouTube will share this content with others. Please also share if you’ve found out that you’re a Salem witch descendant and whom you’re descended from!!!

As the tour guide, I tried to cover as much ground as possible but please visit Salem to experience it all for yourself. I do highly recommend the witch museums, the pirate museum, and The House of Seven Gables. Anything run by the city of Salem, the historical society, or the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM). And of course, you can learn a lot about Salem History with a little research of your own – even by watching videos like these. 😉

Again, I hope you enjoy!!! And remember, it’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus!!!

Your tour guide and descendant of Margaret Scott hanged Sept. 22, 1692,

Liz Lovegood CH, MEd, Lightworker, & Author

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