Wildlife experts warn Chicopee residents to avoid foxes in distress


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A warning was issued for Chicopee residents on Friday after many residents continue to spot foxes in distress. 

Wildlife experts told 22News the animals likely have mange. The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in eastern Massachusetts said they’ve received a lot of phone calls from people in Chicopee worried about foxes roaming their neighborhood. 

So, they held a Facebook live event on Friday. Normally foxes stay in wooded areas, but wildlife experts say animals with mange have a hard time maintaining their body temperature. 

“These mites actually burrow in on the animal’s skin,” said Jane Newhouse. “They’re moving around really irritates the animal. The animal has usually had an allergic reaction to the feces of the eggs.” 

Newhouse said mange isn’t contagious to people, but it can impact your dog or cat… but not to the extent that it does with a wild animal. Your best is to keep your pets away from areas where you’ve spotted an animal with mange. 

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