At this latest monthly gathering of the World Intellectual Forum, (coordinated by WIF Europe and IIPSGP) we cam together to discuss 11 points on the agenda, all of which are vital and affect the world in diverse ways at present as we continue on in our journey as a planet, hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. The 11 items we discussed included:
PEACE: INNER AND OUTER (Overall topic)
1.Universal Peace Tower
2. extreme weather, COP 26 Glasgow, UN Conference on Climate change in November
3. the ongoing pandemic, INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO THE AETIOLOGY OF COVID 19 (ICIAOC) – what is true healing?
4. the ongoing conflict of middle east between Israel and Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the possibility of a pan middle east peace treaty – Shiia-Sunni, Israeli-Iranian etc. our input is on the intellectual and spiritual side, International Commission for the Establishment of a Palestinian State
5. The resurgence of Taliban and what route map for real Islamic and intellectual solutions to the instability and fighting in Afghanistan as the USA & NATO and UK pull out
6. the need for a Cyber Peace treaty worldwide, (software and Israel technology used for spying on french and other governments and the Pegasus project etc)
7. the negative effects of Brexit on Ireland and Scotland, Now Scotland, the moral case for Scottish independence etc.
8. THE INTERNATIONAL DELPHIC GAMES and the role of the arts and culture in peacebuilding
9. Global Governance strategies and approaches
10. Regions for the World Intelelcutal Forum: eg latin America, USA, India, Asia, Africa, Europe
11. What the World Economic Forum is doing (eg setting up Global University Leaders Forum ) do we agree with its technocratic fix approach to social problems? Where is the role of spirituality and intellectuality in the vision of WEF and how can WIF sup[ply the missing pieces best?
To take part in the discussion and debate these important 11 topics we were joined by: Rosalba Nattero (Ecospiirtuality Foundation); Samantha Hirtler (Seattle, Institute of Noetic Sciences); Morag Fairley (Loch Lomond, Scotland, Intellectuals for free Scotland); Thumbi Murali (Singapore,. Universal Peace Tower); Dr. Susan Jamieson (Medical doctor and healer, Hong Kong); Kanu Megha (Neuroscientist and academic, Dubai); Dr Sean English (Naas, Ireland, Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland); Lee Strasburger (Lexington, Massachusetts, artist and spiritual explorer); Esther de Angelis (Bristol, England, Artist and cultural peace activist); Prof B.M. Jain, (India/USA, academic expert in international relations and author of the Geophysology of International Relations); Gila Haron (Herzeliyah, Israel, coordinator of the International institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy in Israel); Shapur Amini (London, founder of the Afghan Academy); Assiya Amini (documentary film maker, and Afghan peace activist and founder of the Afghan Peace Festival); Sabahattin Cakiral (Berlin, Germany and Turkey, Deputy Secretary General, Delphic Games); Sivam Lautham (Canada, Voice of Tamils Radio, and Universal Peace Tower); Dr Sharmila Babu (Indian educator and psychologist); Bircan Unver (Turkey and USA, Light Millennium and World Intellectual Forum UN Representative); Christian Kirsch (Berlin, Secretary General, International Delphic Council). the meeting was chaired by Dr Thomas Daffern (Coordinator, World Intellectual Forum, Europe). It was a fascinating discussion and many important points were made, addressing not just the mind but also the heart. It was a good example of “intellecting” in action (Peter Abelards word). Thanks to all who attended and contributed. As we finished the sun continued to coast round the Galactic centre at 447,000 miles per hour. So how many miles had we covered in total during this discussion? We certainly covered a lot of ground..


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