💥Notorious Crimes in the USA and the Infamous People connected to them | Every State Recognized


👉🏻States By Time Stamp:
📍Intro- 00:00
📍Alabama- 0:01:12
📍Alaska- 0:03:06
📍Arizona- 0:04:01
📍Arkansas- 0:05:03
📍California- 0:06:15
📍Colorado- 0:08:36
📍Connecticut- 0:09:57
📍Delaware- 0:10:45
📍Florida- 0:11:34
📍Georgia- 0:12:30
📍Hawaii- 0:13:31
📍Idaho- 0:14:01
📍Illinois- 0:15:13
📍Indiana- 0:15:53
📍Iowa- 0:17:03
📍Kansas- 0:18:09
📍Kentucky- 0:19:02
📍Louisiana- 0:19:50
📍Maine- 0:21:20
📍Maryland- 0:22:49
📍Massachusetts- 0:23:39
📍Michigan- 0:24:45
📍Minnesota- 0:25:50
📍Mississippi- 0:26:52
📍Missouri- 0:28:13
📍Montana- 0:29:14
📍Nebraska- 0:29:42
📍Navada- 0:32:29
📍New Hampshire- 0:33:28
📍New Jersey- 0:34:33
📍New Mexica- 0:35:55
📍New York- 0:36:50
📍North Carolina- 0:37:56
📍North Dakota- 0:39:10
📍Ohio- 0:40:14
📍Oklahome- 0:41:48
📍Oregon- 0:42:44
📍Pennsylvania- 0:43:41
📍Rhode Island- 0:44:23
📍South Carolina- 0:45:11
📍South Dakota- 0:45:55
📍Tennessee- 0:46:45
📍Texas- 0:47:27
📍Utah- 0:48:12
📍Vermont- 0:48:54
📍Virginia- 0:49:33
📍Washington- 0:50:10
📍West Virginia- 0:50:57
📍Wisconsin- 0:52:00
📍Wyoming- 0:53:13

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