2022-04-28 GESARA SHOW 013, with Peter and Billy – Lucky Thursday


April 28, 2022, The GESARA Show 013 – Lucky Thursday
Duration: 2:41:51

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

This is the 13th episode of the new GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

The show starts with information about our special live show from Birmingham. If you are visiting the “Great Awakening Conference” in Birmingham, and do not have a ticket for their evening event (sold out), we are now announcing our own GESARA Show which you can attend in the evening. Tickets are £20 in advance and £30 at the door.

More details and you can order the tickets, here:

300*600 2

The Birmingham trip is also discussed in this show.

0:00:00 Promo of Birmingham Event
0:01:00 Intro
0:01:10 Welcomes/Birmingham Details
0:19:35 Intel Begins / RV delays
0:21:15 ISO 20022 Compliance
0:22:00 Events to take place
0:24:00 US concerns about Iran
0:24:30 Charlie Ward Comments on Funds release
0:26:00 United Nations Has No Power / End of SWIFT
0:26:55 JFK Conspiracy Theory/ Celebrities Thought To Be Dead
0:29:35 Donald Trump Released Statements
0:30:54 Elon Musk Buying Twitter
0:33:00 GCR Comments By User
0:34:44 Bruce and The Big Call/Code Red Event
0:37:08 Durham Report
0:37:40 RV and Tier 4B
0:38:40 Lawyers and Solicitors
0:40:00 Germany Vaccine Free/MSM Disinformation
0:41:10 Macron Re-Elected/France Protests/Fraudulent Election
0:44:40 Supply Chains and Food Shortage
0:46:19 Title 42 Ending
0:47:34 Arrests Happening Worldwide
0:48:00 Starlink Take Over Of Current Internet
0:49:45 Putin Shuts Down Energy Supply
0:50:50 Benjamin Fulford Remarks
0:52:25 Ron Q; International Common Law Court Activities
1:06:04 Don Q; Website Subscription Expiration
1:07:32 Sherry Q; Project with Existing Non-Profit
1:10:00 Jack Q; Nuclear Scare Event/9-11 Prevented NESARA
1:14:39 Peter Explanation of Website
1:16:53 Karen Q; Ed of Ocala and Paperwork Suggested/ Hydration-App
1:20:55 Nancy Q; Overseeing Projects/Zim Redemption Rate/ Dong and Dinar
1:30:35 Holly Q; Correct ZIM Note-Bearer Bond
1:33:25 Sujata Q; Assassination Attempts On Trump/ Body Doubles/ ET Technology
1:38:12 Gina Q; Common Law Oaths and Process/ Documents for Redemption Appointments
1:43:16 Donna Q; Celebrities Alive Or Dead/Off World Entities/ Project For Homeless/ Solar Flares
1:52:05 Miranda Q; Future Payment Processes/ Banks Merging/Code Red Event/Paying Utility Bills
1:57:55 DeLise Q; Documents on Telegram/Making Appointments/ATM’s Replaced/Background Checks
2:01:08 Madie Q; Business vs. Humanitarian Project
2:08:21 Pete Q; Estimating Funding for Projects
2:12:35 Linda Q; Credit Unions Viability/ QFS Account/Project for Dental Care
2:18:32 Darren Q; Hydration-App/Paladian Technology/ Dr. Michael Sala
2:23:20 Kyrki Q; Hydration-App Download/ Have to have physical note or bond for redemption
2:30:13 Chris Q; ZIM Note = Bearer Bond/Documents for Appointments
2:32:31 Nancy Q; Hydration-App Being A Promoter
2:37:15 Birmingham Event Info/Wrap Up/ Goodbyes

Note: There will be no show on Thursday, May 5, 2022


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