Robert “Robbie” Martin featured on unsolved homicide playing card

The state police featured a playing card on social media Sunday with the unsolved case of a Mashpee victim.

Robert “Robbie” Martin was shot in the basement of 4 Juniper Drive in Mashpee twelve years ago on April 9, 2011. Martin was shot multiple times through a basement window.

If you have any information that could be crucial to solving this case, you are asked to call 1-855-MA-SOLVE.

The Massachusetts State Police Department and the Massachusetts Department of Correction and the District Attorney’s Offices collaborated together to create playing cards that feature homicide and missing persons on them.

The cards are funded by the Department of Correction and are made available to state prison inmates. With this, they hope to be able to find out additional information about the crimes on the cards.

Western Massachusetts victims featured on cards

  • Molly Bish- Palmer
  • Anthony Colucci- Pittsfield
  • Joseph Willie Brown- Pittsfield
  • James Dominguez- Pittsfield
  • Darrell Jenkins Jr.- Springfield
  • Fan Li- Springfield
  • William Dziedzinski- Ware
  • Michael Brougham- Belchertown
  • Jean Bones-Colon- South Hadley
  • Jose Gonzalez- Springfield
  • Jafet Robles- Chicopee
  • Michael “Mickey” Brougham – Belchertown
  • Paul Kirschner – Shutesbury

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