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All residential students are required to have a meal plan. Eligibility is by class year: first, second, third, fourth and commuters. 

All meal plans are to be purchased through MyWestfield under myHousing/Dining. Changes to meal plans must be done before the start of the semester. Meal plans for the 23/24 academic year will begin on September 2nd at breakfast. The Nestor’s Unlimited Plan is the default for all residential students living on campus. All plans are available for commuters to purchase.

Plans with an asterisk (*) are eligible for students with full kitchens on-campus only. Students are required to live in New Hall or the Apartments for these plans.


Eligibility:   1 – First-year student, 2 – Sophomore, 3 – Junior, 4 – Senior, C – Commuter

Dining Dollars

A dollar for dollar declining balance program, Dining Dollars can be used on retail dining goods and in the dining commons. Dining Dollars may not be used in Dunkin Donuts. Any unused Dining Dollars in the fall will now roll over to the spring. Dining Dollars will expire at the end of each academic year. 

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