Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties May 21, 2023 edition


Christina M. Bitsacos to Ellen M. Kupiec, 1-D Mansion Woods Drive, $230,000.

Donald J. Vermette, Donald H. Vermette and Rebecca A. Vermette to MBNZ Holding Co., 223 Garden St., $650,000.

Edward L. Melloni, Nancy M. Doura and Edward F. Melloni to Plata O Plomo Inc., 75 North Alhambra Circle, $162,500.

Fiore Santaniello and Rosa Santaniello to Jose Julio Bermejo and Magali Del Rocio Ver Dugo Vinces, 162 Glendale Road, $1,050,000.

James R. Cousineau, estate, and Robert J. Cousineau, representative, to Our Town Home Buyers LLC, 239 South St., $195,000.

Lisa C. Buiso and Jimmy L. Buiso to Jimmy L. Buiso, trustee, Lisa C. Buiso, trustee, and Lisa C. Buiso & Jimmy L. Buiso 2023 Family Trust, trustee of, 149 School St., $100.

Michael A. Toto, Sheila C. Toto and Sheila C. Dusza to Hillary F. King and William Harrington, 585 North Westfield St., $360,000.

Peter M. Feroli and Susan L. Feroli to Manuela Carestia and Michael Carestia, 19 Castle Hill Road, Unit G, $339,000.

Richard Merchant, Thomas Merchant, Christine Nikdel and Seifollah Nikdel to Gina M. Nascembeni and Glenn R. Collins, 303 School St., $276,000.

Sandra B. Morin, Sandra J. Morin and Nina M. Baker to Siedlik Family Revocable Trust, trustee of, Gary Thomas Siedlik, trustee, and Kathleen Susan Siedlik, trustee, 90 Alexander Drive, $366,000.

Sergey Mayerov to Marlene Flannery and Marlene E. Flannery, 420 Main St., Unit 24, $125,000.

Suk Hui Forrester, Bok Hee Ko, Okhee Ho and Ok Hee Ko to Valentina Fedorenko and Oleksandr Fedorenko, 23-25 Kanawha Ave., $415,000.


Linda Calmes Jones, trustee, and Linda Calmes Jones Living Trust to Alan Eric Travis and Vivien Addison, Wildflower Drive, $191,500.

Joseph J. Ellis and Ellen Wilkins Ellis to Scotia Roopnarine and Nandita Mani, 356 Station Road, $835,000.

Vincent M. Biggs to Anke Voss and Robert Naiman, 684 East Pleasant St., $600,000.

Julia S. Mawson to Margaret Mailloux and Corban Mailloux, 1299 Bay Road, $456,000.

Steven V. Fischel and Lisa C. Plantefaber to Lisa C. Plantefaber, trustee, Steven V. Fischer, trustee, Lisa C. Plantefaber Trust and Steven V. Fischel Trust, 91 Sunset Ave., $100.

Julia C. Federman and Barry H. Federman to Douglas Bick and Camille Way-Pene, 101 Columbia Drive, $537,000.

Stephen R. Katigbak, Sallie W. Steele and Sallie Welsh Steele to Stephen R. Katigbak, trustee, Sallie W. Steele, trustee, and Katigbak Steele Family Trust, Station Road, $100.

Phyllis U. Martz, trustee, Eric Martz, trustee, Eric Martz Living Trust, Phyllis U. Martz Living Trust, Phyllis U. Martz, and Eric Martz to Cammi Misako Yamashiro and Andrew Scott Bryson, 48 Hunters Hill Circle, and Hunters Hill Circle, $475,000.


Helena VanCortlandt Snow, Lydia Field Snow and Thomas Freeman Snow to Robert Mason Branch, Susan A. Craft and Kristin D. Holder, 83 South St., $274,000

Greenfield Savings Bank to Elmers Community Center Inc., 396 Main St., $275,000.


REO Acquisition I LLC, and Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, attorney-in-fact, to Joseph Bernard and Alexandra Marra, 369 Old Enfield Road, $313,500.

Jeffrey M. Almeida , Jeffrey Almeida, Kelly M. Almeida, and Kelly Almeida to Michael C. Jurkowski, Woodland Lane, $125,000.

Suzanne L. Brandt and Suzanne L. Bowes to Suzanne L. Bowes, 79 Jackson St., $100.


Dana Charest and Stephanie M. Williams to Stephanie M. Williams, 32 Bald Mountain Road, $75,000

David P. Grasso, individually and as personal representative of the Estate of Dolores M. Grasso, to Laura Ferguson, 371 Bald Mountain Road, $419,000.


Karin M. Via, trustee, and 7 Via Family Revocable Trust 201, trustee of, to Aaron Joel Davis and Sabita Davis, 8 Governor Fairbanks Road, $550,000.


Robert R. Carey, Jack D. Curtiss and John C. Gates to Patricia L. Kittredge and Willis G. Thayer, Bray Road, $5,000.


Ann M. Feeney, “fka” Ann M. Hoggard, and Kenneth L. Hoggard to Paula Multan and Ryan Mooney, Mountain View Drive, $45,000.

Gloria J. Page to Bryana J. Sheehan and Daniel J. Sheehan, Potters Road, $30,000.


Judith A. Lyon, trustee, William E. Lyon, trustee, and Willian E. Lyon Trust to Stephanie M. Bleyendaal, Kimberly E. Cohen, trustee, and Piet Bleyendaal 2008 Family Trust, 333 Ireland St., $650,000.


Audete Jones, trustee, and Jones Realty Trust Of 2020, trustee of, to Kimberly R. Keesee, 185 Fletcher Circle $135,000.

Carl D. Roy, trustee, C. Llanor Roy, trustee, and Carl D. Roy Living Trust, trustee of, to Meaghan K. Murphy-Rennie and Jacob H. Rennie, 17 White St., $265,000.

Chicopee City to Jason L. Carvalho, Carlos S. Carvalho and Dean A. Carvalho, 5-7 Ames Ave., $1,100.

David Carlos to William J. Stetson, 486 Springfield St., $220,000.

Gerald L. Grondin to Jean D. Donoghue, 22 Keyes Drive, $300,000.

Laurie A. Gaudet and Wayne E. Yvon to Brian M. Colty, 262 McCarthy Ave., $287,000.

Nancy A. Chmura to Mason Capital Ventures LLC, 237-239 Chicopee St., $250,000.

Neil A. Wong to Nova Home Improvements Inc., 831-839 Chicopee St., $58,000.

Philip J. Alarie, trustee, and Philip J. Alarie Revocable Indenture Of Trust Of, trustee of, to Michael Clemente, 11-13 Hastings St., $250,000.

Robert E Mcqueen to Julio A Melendez, 82 Sheridan St, $265,000.

Robert J Lavigne to Ryan Whitehead, 56 Garland St, $227,100.

SRF Burnett LLC, to Bharatkumar Patel, trustee, and Burnett Chicopee Realty Trust, trustee of, 0 Burnett Road, $415,000.

Tara B. Budrewicz to Joseph M. Mezzetti, 121 Lynwood Drive, Unit 6201B, $205,000.


Alan N. Emond to Robert K. Riecken and Susan L. Shulda, 12 Wilson Hill Road, $395,000.


Frances M. Giandalone to John McElaney, 259 Thompson Road, $111,000.

Brenden J. Monahan and Susan J. Monahan, “fka” Susan J. Magelinski, to Marissa Ann Smith, 16 Hoosac Road, $85,000.


Hunter T. Foote to Marie F. Atoine, West Cummington Road, $40,000.


John T. Ambros and Richard R. Ambros to Zigmont J. Ambros, 61 Graves St., $236,000.

Justine Pasiecnik, personal representative of the Estate of James M. Pasiecnik, to Marisol Properties LLC, Settright Road and Sawmill Plain Road, $715,000.

East Longmeadow

Aneta M. Sucharski to Daniel Filonov and Samantha C. Beck, 74 Kibbe Road, $370,000.

James H. Denver Jr., and Donna Marie Denver to Jenna Molinari, Donald Avenue, $5,000.

John Martin to Shadow Mountain Pereira and Julia Aleksandra Pereira, 2 Lyric Ave., $270,000.

Michael Carabetta to Peter J. Marathas, 15 Fairway Lane, $750,000.

Michael J. Matos and Neysha R. Matos to 25 Granby Street LLC, 9 Mereline Ave., $300,000.


Patricia A. Zwirko to John A. Powell and Jill M. Powell, 3 Concord Drive, $410,000.

Alexander Hoar to Erin Everett and Elizabeth Everett, 20 Colonial Ave., $336,000.

Loudville Condominiums LLC, and West Co. Investments LLC, to Barry H. Federman and Julia C. Federman, 8 Conrad Circle, $574,900.


George Bucala, personal representative of the Estate of Paul Duga Jr., “aka” Paul Duga III, and Linda Moynahan, “aka” Linda Moynihan, to Jacob Stuckey, 18 Peterson Way, $61,180.


Stephen J. Polchlopek to Victor E. Mikalunas and Karen L. Cuthbert-Mikalunas, East State Street, $110,000.


Daniel P. Schwartz and Patricia W. Schwartz to Sean Connors, 12 Stanley St., $180,000.

Paul Viens to Swostik Rana Magar and Kyarisha Rana Magar Rai, 75 River St., $280,000.


Thomas A. Lees, Thomas A. Lees, trustee, Thomas A. Lees 2020 Revocable Trust, and Albert C. Lees to North Maple Street LLC, Rocky Hill Road, and North Maple Street, $525,000.


Nicole B. Florian-Theriaque and Joseph Theriaque to Shelby Trebbe and Cory Cotter, 23 Valleyview Drive, $332,000.


Diane Landry, Diane K. Landry and Barry J. Picard, conservator, to Barry J. Picard and Lori A. Picard, 249 Linseed Road, $515,000.

David A. Wojciechowski to David A. Wojciechowski and Janet B. Wojciechowski, Straits Road, $100.

Center School LLC, to Kelvy Bird, 58 Main St., $467,000.

Kathleen A. Dunn and Kathleen A. Urkiel to Thomas J. Wickles and Brenda J. Wickles, 187 Pantry Road, $245,000.

Janet L. Phaneuf to Scott Phaneuf, Robin A. Phaneuf, Tracy Mae Phaneuf and Thomas D. Phaneuf, 4 Elm St., $100.


Cheryl Farraher and Richard J. Farraher Jr., to Lauren Sacerdote, Park Road, $2,600.

John D. Porier, John D. Poirier and Jennifer A. Poirier to Vanessa A. Lewis and Brendon X. Lewis, 131 Union Road, $425,000.


Dora Cruz to Kara L. Syer, 53 St. Kolbe Drive, Unit C, $131,000.

Four Harps LLC, to Jose A. Ramos, 295-297 Walnut St., $215,000.

Kevin E. Ross and Margaret L. Ross to Margaret L. Ross, life estate, Kevin E. Ross, life estate, and Katherine M. Bourque, 6 Briarwood Drive, $500,000.

KNC Home Renovations LLC, to B&B Realty Partners LLC, 9 Charles St., $160,000.

Kristen L. Paykowski, Kristen Boyles and Logan Boyles to Barbara Love, 101 Cabot St., Unit 504, $210,000.

Meng Shou Wang to Eric Prigmore Sr., 271 West Franklin St., $220,000.

Van M. Tran to Kyngelle Mertilien, 336A Maple St., $88,900.


Laurie J. Diemer to Natalie Saloio, 218 Worthington Road, $260,000.

Kyle Harmon to Angela Steward and Daria Steward, 44 Littleville Road, $276,000.


Katelyn Smithling Kopcsay and James Maxwell Kopcsay to Robert Chiaruttini and Jessica Chiaruttini, 176 Dunn Road, $630,000.

Susan Winn and Susan D. Winn to Samantha Schneider, 56 Bellevue Ave., $275,200.


Elizabeth A. Scanlon and Helen P. Bubien to Sarah Bunker, 21 Barrett St., $305,000.

Joe V. Chaves and Nancy G. Chaves to Rui Serrazina and Ana Serrazina, Center St., Lot 0, $150,000.

John P. Carrier, trustee, and Helen E. Carrier Trust, trustee of, to Michael J. Hill and Kimberly L. Tresch, 777 Chapin St., $365,000.

Kay Loudon and Gayle Leroi to Auguste Paul Valley and Amber Fay Warden, 6 Marie St., $296,000.

Lorrijane Massa to Nelson Mourao and Sydney A. Scyocurka, Sunset Ridge, Lot 12, $162,500.

Michael Giza to Anna D. Vital, 40 Stebbins St., $283,505.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Samantha Patricia Alves and Tyler Lucas Martins, Balsam Hill Road, Lot 79, $154,900.


Joshua P. Colwell to Christopher WS Allen, 39 Millers Falls Road, $267,000.

New Salem

Susan Cloutier, Timothy J. Laferriere and Tatiane Alves Souse-Laferriere to Quabbin Stop LLC, 414 Daniel Shays Highway, $307,500.


Johnny A. Otto to Timothy Otto, 1056 Millers Falls Rd., $250,000.

Cody F. Sisson and Jeanne A. Sisson, “aka” Jeanne Sisson, to Jeanne A. Sisson, trustee of the Jeanne A. Sisson 2016 Trust, 330 Old Wendell Road and 350 Old Wendell Road, $100.


Maren T. Brown, trustee, and Brown Morrison Family Trust to Jessica R. Pfeffer and Lucia M. Kahn, 98 Lake St., $535,700.

David W. Pritchard to Katherine A. Welch, 24 Indian Hill, $345,000.

Mary Anna Labato, personal representative, James Anthony Labato, estate, and James A. Labato, estate, to Thomas L. Lewis, 80 Damon Road, $170,500.

John Gorra, trustee, Michael Gorra, trustee, and Dorothy R. Gorra Irrevocable Trust to Mark Luiggi and Kimberly Luiggi, 64 Gothic St., $549,000.

Nina M. Barszcz, Nina M. Furciniti, and Josef M. Barszcz to Jake Q. Hooker and Kelsey L. Breda, 372 Ryan Road, $402,000.

Whitney L. Scott and Perfect Harmony Trust to Rachel S. Scott, trustee, and 232 Jackson Street Trust, 232 Jackson St., $100.

300 Elm Street LLC, to Rynek LLC, 17-25 Market St., $1,600,000.

Jendi B. Reiter, Adam Rabb Cohen and Jennifer B. Reiter to Jendi B. Reiter and Adam Rabb Cohen, 134 North St., $100.


Johnny A. Otto to Timothy Otto, 1056 Millers Falls Rd., $250,000.

Cody F. Sisson and Jeanne A. Sisson, “aka” Jeanne Sisson, to Jeanne A. Sisson, trustee of the Jeanne A. Sisson 2016 Trust, 330 Old Wendell Road and 350 Old Wendell Road, $100.


Royal Development Projects LLC, to Camille Killip and Dale Oren Killip, 673 East Main St., $370,000.

Curtis S. Noel and Heather Noel to Matthew John McBride, 15 Center Drive, $282,000.

Rhoda M. Martinelli to David A. Gillis, 117 West Myrtle St., $250,000.


Crystal Nugent and Charlie Nugent to Bethany L. Joyce, 241 A Mount Dumplin St., $302,500.

A To Z Property Management & Renovations LLC, to DDS56 Properties LLC, 2029-2031 High St., $200,000.

Jonathan E. Neumann and Carol M. Neumann to Gramse Realty LLC, 1053-1055 Park St., $215,000.

Veteran Stan LLC, to Alexandria Morrissey, 1126 South Main St., $225,000.


Hermann C. Vargo and Kathleen A. Vargo to Jonathan Paul Celli and Melissa Allen Celli, 487 Montague Road, $222,000.

A9N Group LLC, to Joshua P. Colwell, 32 Leverett Road, $440,000.

South Hadley

Peter J. Kennedy and Phyllis M. Kennedy to James R. Kennedy, 15 Judd Ave., $100.

Benjamin G. Glickenhaus to Benjamin Geyer and Samantha Grose, 161 Newton St., $425,000.


Susan B. Butterfield to Susan B. Butterfield, trustee, and Buterfield Family Trust, 99 Strong Road, $100.

Gil Farm Road Estates Inc., to Ben S. Apodaca and Anna Apodaca, 34 Pequot Road, $240,000.

Ronald Gwinner, Barbara LaFlam, personal representative, and Robert Baker, estate, to Cordon LLC, 113 County Road, $135,000.

Agnieszka Jaworski, personal representative, Agnes Joworski, personal representative, and Alexander Lewinski, estate, to Brian J. Ingledue, trustee, and Revocable Indenture Trust of Brian J. Ingledue, 129 Brickyard Road, $935,000.


Jianwei Liu and Hong Chen to Ashley T Abel and Carole A Abel, 7 Meadow La, $575,800.


Ahmed Aljanabi to Rolvin Colindres and Rosalba Colindres, 34 Parkside St., $265,000.

Alex Dobiecki and Jennifer Dobiecki to 99 Strong Street Realty Trust, trustee of, Matthew A. Wood, trustee, and Jennifer L. Wood, trustee, 99 Strong St., $351,000.

Alex E. Karosas and Veronica Karosas to Joan Doucette, 15 Shawmut St., $220,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Marie F. Elysse and Jean Valcourt Alfred, 53 Granger St., $470,000.

Caraballo Realty LLC, to 84 Chapin Terrace LLC, 84-86 Chapin Terrace, $266,000.

Dale White and Huon White to D & M Realty & Investments LLC, 94 Massachusetts Ave., $150,000.

Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Exultant Realty Trust, trustee of, to Alexsis K. Alvarez and Humberto Cruz, 61 Fullerton St., $399,000.

Emmanuel Y. Tete-Donkor to Jose A. Negron Bonilla and Rosa L. Monserrat, 225 Shady Brook Lane, $300,000.

Ernesto Ayala to Mason Capital Ventures LLC, 254 Oakland St., $255,000.

HLRE Development LLC, to Laura Marilia Bettencourt, 11 Carpenter Court, $239,000.

Boston Federal Investment Holding Corp., to JHN Investment LLC, 73 Tyler St., $150,000.

J. Roger Jarosz, trustee, and Inglewood Realty Trust, trustee of, to Baitus Salaam Inc., E/S Cloverdale St., Lots 5-11, $35,000.

JJJ17 LLC, to Tajudeen Yoosuf, 138 Appleton St., $265,000.

John Hunt, trustee, Palma Puzzuoli, trustee, and John Hunt Living Trust, trustee of, to John Beigert and William H. Beigert, 748 Grayson Drive, $259,000.

Jonathan Bermudez to Om Sai Property Investment LLC, 77-79 Grover St., $315,000.

Jose A. Negron and Rosa L. Monserrat to Julissa Lizette Acevedo, 22-24 Dunhill St., $355,000.

Junior Properties LLC, to Jarelis Rodriguez, 33 Lester St., $300,000.

Katherine Smith to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Kokoleka Realty Trust, 602 White St., $89,200.

Kathleen V. Wyler to Robert Perkins and Jocelyn Perkins, 21 Hadley St., $249,500.

Kelnate Realty LLC, trustee, and Knox Street Realty Trust, trustee of, to Frederic Abboud, 71-73 Knox St., $300,000.

Luis Marrero and Sharon Lopez to Gemila Abdella, 48-50 Silver St., $405,000.

Matthew W. Dejongh, trustee, Catherine O’Connor, trustee, and Dejongh Special Trust, trustee of, to B9 Industries Inc., 30 Winnipeg St., $60,000.

Maynard Hamre Investments LLC, to Ever Prosperity International Group Inc., 17 Forest Park Ave., $750,000.

MBMB LLC, to Rock Hard Holdings LLC, 11 Front St., $675,000.

Melissa L. Smith, Melissa L. Knight and Peter H. Smith to Andrew James Foley, 41 Mallowhill Road, $269,900.

Nadine A. Govoni to Fumi Realty Inc., 38 Larchmont St., $110,000.

Noelia I. Rojas to Ana A. Valladares Arias and Jose Santacruz-Mejia, 36 Andrew St., $324,000.

Nolava LLC, to Willord D. Burke, 63 Kensington Ave., $350,000.

Pah Properties LLC, to Elyse N. Konicki and Alyssa A. Martinez, 31 Cottonwood Lane, $295,000.

RJB Properties LLC, to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and A-O-K Realty Trust, trustee of, 35 Bronson Terrace, $187,500.

Ronald Carr and Allan Gendreau to Ronald Carr, 69 Talbot Road, $74,000.

L&B Greenvale Home Improvement to Dubs Capital LLC, E S Catharine Street, $16,500.

Smails LLC, to James McCloskey, 25 Ferncliff St., $260,000.

Stewart T. Hillios and Carol A. Hillios to Hannah M. Smith and Bee Keng Yeo, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 205, $65,000.

Tatiana Ramos to Shaquana Bailey, 156 Slater Ave., $227,000.

Terri Marie Henry, Lori Ann Little and Lori Ann Waltein to Sareen Properties LLC, 182 Lucerne Road, $207,000.

Wendi J. Robertson to CP Property Group LLC, 140 Chestnut St., Unit 301, $50,000.


Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Abednego Realty Trust, trustee of, to Kayla Cazares and Jarrod Soucy, 87 McBride Road, $380,000.


Nancy C. Godbout, conservator, and Kristine M. Swift to Todd Russo, 39 Aspen St., $130,000.

Three A Realty Co. Inc., to Peak Development LLC, 9 Mechanic St., $140,000.

Lisa Gauvin and Eric Gauvin to Stephen Charles Clouse and Nadine Clouse, 4 Old Gilbertville Road, $385,000.

Jeremiah Pinto to Pinto Realty Managers LLC, 55 North St., $100.

DAS Leasing Inc., Walter J. Smola, personal representative, and Janina S. Was, estate, to Roger Joseph Lebel Jr., and Kristen Ann Lebel, 21 Westbrook Ave., $345,000.

Roman Catholic Bishop Of Springfield to Vikki Patrakis, 17 North St., $190,000.

Church Ware LLC, to LRR Development LLC, 55 Church St., $100.

Hector L. Peterson Jr., trustee, C&E Realty Trust, Hector L. Peterson, executor, and Hector L. Peterson Sr., estate, to Camiele Ezra Goddard, 212 East Greenwich Plains Road, $130,000.

Rick Ting Hang Chu and Loi Wah Chu to Brookmaple LLC, 58 West Main St., $150,000.

West Springfield

Danielle L. Lamagna to Brian Boyle, 44 Clara St., $360,000.

Denise A. Cordeau and Wayne Cordeau to Nina Barszez, 65 Fox St., $349,900.

Fevzi Ramazanov and Dzhamila Bilalova to Kyle Matzko and Tara Budrewicz, 20 Hummingbird Lane, $450,000.

Old Day Realty LLC, to Mass Trans Realty LLC, 82-84 Park St., $540,000.

Timothy J. Roberts, Jeffrey T. Roberts and Linda A. Grenon to Arisleidy Garcia Perez, 21 Silver St., $255,000.


Agnes M. Wozniak, estate, and Cheri A. Retchin, representative, to Jennifer P. Smidy, 108 Dana St., $300,000.

Andrey Yurovsky Jr., and Vera Yurovsky to Jovan Desiree Roman, 21 Harrison Ave., $255,000.

Diane R. Bilodeau, representative, Diane R. Servidio, representative, and Lydia Bilodeau, estate, to Fitzgerald Home Solutions, 65 Montgomery St., $185,000.

Gabriel L. Santiago Diaz and Brenda L. Solivan to Nicholas J. Markos and Alanna M. Graff, 57 Furrowtown Road, $455,000.

Gordon J. Rogers and Bonnie A. Rogers to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Amenadiel Realty Trust, trustee of, 29 Butternut Road, $170,000.

Joseph A. Del Guercio, Joseph Del Guercio, Carmen A. Del Guercio and Carmen Del Guercio to Anthony Sgueglia and Cassandra Sgueglia, 494 Western Ave., $395,000.

Kevin M. Barlow, Christina A. Barlow and Christina Dingman to Kelly M. Dupuis, 123 Shannon Lane, $225,000.

LKN Realty Investments LLC, to Daniel Cabey, 64 Roosevelt Ave., $305,000.

Wesley Earle Punch and Roswyn Punch to Charles Diemer, Laurie Diemer and Amy Odell, 15 Massey St., $475,000.


Denise M. Govoni and Lois E. Hunt to Denise M. Govoni, 12 Long Plain Road, $26,342.


Edward D. Vito to Patrick L. Darby and Stephanie Darby, 19 Eastwood Drive, $530,500.

James Douglas Adam, representative, James Daniel Adam, estate, James D. Adams, estate, and Sandra Thorne to Marissa A. Lafond and Ryan B. Lafond, 2 Mirick Lane, $380,000.

JoeJoe Properties LLC, to Wilbraham & Monson Academy, 29 Faculty St., $275,000.

Michelle Roller-Canerdy to Linda Smith, 6 Nokomis Road, Par A, $15,000.

Sonja Flynn and Pamela Diaz-Rubin to Kyle Patrick Meredith and Emerald Tiara Meredith, 586 Main St., $400,000.


George H. Fleischner to Mark Mantegna and Adrienne Mantegna, 2 Hillenbrand Road, $440,000.


Susan J. Van Buren to David H. Gage and Nancy A. Wyman, Cummington Road, $13,855.

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