Testimony held on funding for Massachusetts substance-related and addictive disorders programs

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Executive Office of Health and Human Services will hold a series of remote hearings Monday on proposed regulation changes that could have an effect on services in western Massachusetts.

These hearings will be of great interest to local addiction service providers like MiraVista in Holyoke which was forced to close 60 beds earlier this year that were part of its clinically managed detox program. That program is set to end in July sending patients and employees to find help and work elsewhere.

On Monday, the Health and Human Services office will hear testimony on increasing funding for these types of programs and others. Here’s a look at the schedule for the day:

At 9 a.m., the office will hear testimony on rate changes for substance-related and addictive disorders programs followed by a discussion on services for youth and young adults and intermediate-term stabilization services.

Across the board a 2.78-percent increase in government funding for all five types of program. Each specific type has specific changes, as well.

For detoxification programs like the one closed at Mira Vista the proposed amendment would bump state funding for that type of program by $11 million annually. Any changes that come from these meetings would be effective July 1st. It is not clear if that is enough to save the program. The treatment center said in a statement last month that state reimbursements were falling short by millions of dollars.

MiraVista provided the written testimony from Dr. Michael Krupa, Founder and CEO Emeritus of TaraVista Behavioral Health Center and MiraVista Behavioral Health Center presented at Monday’s meeting:

The meetings are public access. You can find a link to the Zoom meeting on Mass.gov.

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