2nd man arrested in Western Mass crime ring pleads guilty to ATM, jewelry thefts

A second man accused in a Western Massachusetts-based crime ring has pleaded guilty in connection with thefts of cash from bank ATMs and the burglaries of two New Hampshire jewelry stores.

Alex Oyola, 37, of Springfield, was one of seven men arrested on April 12 and charged with offenses related to the ring that is believed to have cut catalytic converters from at least 471 cars in three different states as well as break-ins of jewelry stores and ATMs, according to a statement from Acting United States Attorney Joshua S. Levy.

Oyola pleaded guilty in federal court in Boston to conspiracy to transport stolen property in interstate commerce, two counts of interstate transportation of stolen property, conspiracy to steal from a federally insured bank and theft from a federally insured bank. The case was continued until Oct. 19, Levy said.

His charges were connected to the ATM and jewelry store robberies. He was not accused in the catalytic converter thefts, the statement said.

He pleaded guilty the same day Jose Torres, 37, of Springfield, confessed to multiple federal charges, admitting he purchased the stolen catalytic converters and then sold them to scrap metal dealers across the northeast, he said.

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