Dallas Stars’ fans made themselves look like imbeciles

It was an ugly show from both those on the ice and those spectating.
Photo: AP

How bad did the Stars’ fan base need to mess up to be the most despicable thing that happened on Tuesday night inside American Airlines Center? Jamie Benn’s cross-check to the face of a downed, prone Mark Stone was horrific, and likely set the final dominoes in motion for Dallas being eliminated in the Western Conference Finals. And that wasn’t the ugliest incident from Game 3.

Dallas’ faithful threw food, trash, and who knows what else on the ice with the Stars trailing the Golden Knights 4-0, which ended up being the final score of the only-non-overtime game of the series thus far. The debris started flowing over the glass after a skirmish brought on by Dallas’ Max Domi, where he squared up to Vegas’ Nicolas Hague, who skated away laughing at the pathetic attempt. The danger to the players caused the referees to end the second period 21.5 seconds early and clean up the ice for an extended period of the second intermission.

If that wasn’t bad enough, as Vegas was heading back onto the ice to begin the third period, a bucket of popcorn is seen being thrown on Golden Knights’ goaltender Adin Hill, who doesn’t break stride, stepping over some of the buttered puffs. At least that was one of the fans who stuck around for the third period, as half the lower bowl was empty for the final 20 minutes. After the game, apologizing for your fans is always on the list of things to do for playoff teams. And Stars’ President and CEO Brad Alberts had to do so. What a phenomenal showing. It’s time to support the Rangers anyway. Have fun doing that after Thursday’s season-ending loss.

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