Veterans luncheon in Holyoke features special relics from Ground Zero

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) — A luncheon for veterans in Holyoke was made extra special on Thursday by showcasing some very significant items. A flag that flew at ground zero and did combat missions in Iraq, along with a cross carved from marble from the 911 site were both on display at a veterans luncheon in Holyoke.

St. Paul’s Church on Appleton Street in Holyoke opens its doors to veterans and their families every Thursday for lunch. However this Thursday’s lunch was made a little more memorable with two relics from Ground Zero. Jordan Lemieux is charged with bringing the Ground Zero flag to important events around the area.

“This, I call it a national treasure. Especially for veterans,” expressed Jordan Lemieux of Holyoke, “The flag has always been a part of our history, and it just brings back memories and everything. The vets, first responders, they love seeing it. It means so much to them, it really does.”

After the admiring the flag and a moment of silence veterans came inside the church for a free lunch. They signed the guest book for the Ground Zero relics, enjoyed the company of their fellow service members, and had music from Dee Dee Riley.

Gina Nelson runs the veterans luncheon program at St. Paul and does a great job. She wants everyone to know that veterans, their spouses and caretakers are welcome to come by on Thursdays for lunch.

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