“Biggest bear I’ve ever seen around here,” Feeding Hills resident

FEEDING HILLS, Mass. (WWLP) – A Feeding Hills resident captured a bear on camera and said that was the biggest one he has ever seen.

The video was sent to 22News from Frank Luvera in the Clover Hill Road area of Feeding Hills. He said, “This is probably the biggest bear I’ve seen around here. The video doesn’t do it justice but had to be 600-800lbs. Broke a fence from his weight trying to climb back into the woods.”

Bear in Feeding Hills from Frank Luvera

Bear sightings are more common this time of the year as they search for food. Make sure you are properly storing any garbage and placing bird feeders high enough from the ground where bears can’t reach.

Massachusetts is the third most densely-populated state in the country for black bears. There are approximately 4,500 black bears in the state and they are expanding eastward. If you have a bear in your yard, do not approach it or get close to it, especially if it is a cub. Making loud noises can help scare the bear away.

If you can safely take photos of wildlife in your community, email them to Reportit@wwlp.com!

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