Meet Mikey DiLullo, your new Houma high school sports reporter

To everyone in Houma, Louisiana:Hello. I’m Mikey DiLullo, and I’ll be your new high school sports reporter.

I’m from a suburban town in Western Massachusetts called Agawam. Growing up, I was convinced that I would be the next great MLB first baseman. By middle school, though, after getting cut in every sport I played, I realized that playing sports wasn’t in the cards for me, but wanted to stick around them as long as I could.

In high school, I filmed games and did stats for four sports: football, basketball, baseball and soccer. For four years, I wasn’t the guy who scored touchdowns, got rebounds, hit home runs or saved penalties. I was the guy who held phones on road trips, kept the scorebook and bought sunflower seeds before games. I loved every second of it.

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