What can people do to minimize the time that they are on the roads?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It is the getaway day for Memorial Day weekend, 22News is working for you with what you can expect if you plan to drive somewhere Friday.

It’s going to be a busy day on the roads with many people heading out. In Massachusetts, some of the trouble spots are going to be on I-91 in Springfield.

I-291 could be a problem area too, this area often backs up approaching the Mass. Pike entrance. One of the busiest exits of the western stretch of the Pike is the I-91/I-90 Interchange in West Springfield.

22News spoke to travelers about their plans to avoid busy roads, traffic, and long lines.

“I’m very pristine with my calculations I always if I don’t have to go through uh the highway if I could go through a side street or go up a few blocks take another entrance to the highway that’s a couple more miles down just to not be in that heavy traffic because once you’re stuck there you are stuck for good,” said Ace Polanco of Rhode Island.

If you are traveling south into Connecticut there are some other areas you’re going to want to look out for. Traffic usually starts to build up around the Hartford/Windsor line, and continues to the I-84 Interchange. Another place that sees slowdowns is where I-91 connects to Route 15 in Meriden. I-95 South in West Haven is an area that also sees bad backups.

People can of course try to head out early and avoid that rush of traffic in the morning but for those working or unable to head out on the roads until rush hour you can try seeking alternative routes and taking back roads however, some people might just have to be prepared to sit in traffic.

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