Do Boston Bruins have their own plane? Shedding light on ‘Bear Force One’

For the Boston Bruins, conquering the ice is not the only domain where they display their unwavering dedication.

Beyond their remarkable on-ice performances, the Bruins have taken their commitment to excellence to new heights by acquiring their own team plane, aptly named the “Bear Force One.”

Serving as a flying fortress for the team, this customized aircraft encapsulates the Bruins’ indomitable spirit and represents their unwavering pursuit of victory.

The exterior of “Bear Force One” exudes a distinctive black and gold color scheme, paying homage to the Boston Bruins.

Emblazoned on the tail is the iconic spoked-B, a symbol that strikes a chord with passionate fans who bleed black and gold. This collaboration between JetBlue and the Bruins serves as a testament to the strong bond between the team and its devoted fans.

While “Bear Force One” boasts an eye-catching appearance, it also serves as a practical means of transportation for the Bruins. Being a dedicated aircraft, it offers the convenience of private travel, allowing players and staff to optimize their time and comfort on the road. This customized plane represents the shared commitment of JetBlue and the Bruins to provide an exceptional experience for the team and their fans.

As the first NHL livery aircraft for JetBlue, “Bear Force One” has solidified its place in the hearts of Bruins fans. Its arrival signifies a new era of collaboration between the airline and the team and is sure to inspire and unite fans across the hockey community.

With “Bear Force One” soaring through the skies, the Boston Bruins have found a truly unique way to extend their indomitable spirit beyond the ice.

Like Boston Bruins, do others NHL teams also have their own planes?

Most NHL teams are part of the National Hockey League’s Air Partnership Program, which allows them to share aircraft.

This program fosters efficiency, cost-effectiveness and convenience for players during long trips during the season. By sharing planes, teams eliminate the need to purchase their own aircraft.

However, some teams do not to join the Air Partnership Program and instead acquire their own planes. These aircrafts serve various purposes, including flying players and staff to promotional events, transporting medical personnel and equipment and facilitating travel between NHL cities.

Additionally, owning a private plane enables teams to transport players to and from their offseason homes in different parts of the world, whether it be Europe or the United States. This flexibility and autonomy provide teams with greater control over their travel arrangements.

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