Jet Skier Missing After Hitting Boat on Connecticut River in Northampton, Mass.

A jet skier went missing following a collision with a boat Sunday evening on the Connecticut River in Northampton, Massachusetts, police said.

Massachusetts State Police said several agencies responded to the incident around 7 p.m. Sunday. Two occupants of the boat were rescued by Environmental Police Officers and taken to the state boat ramp along Route 5 where they were then transferred to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. Police did not say what injuries they may have suffered.

Crews from state police, environmental police and other local public safety agencies searched on the river for the missing jet skier until just before midnight, police said. Search teams resumed their efforts Monday but they did not locate the missing jet-ski operator.

Troopers and officers are deploying side-scan sonar equipment, which feeds a sonar image of the water column and river bottom back to a monitor on the boats. Divers will enter the water if any anomalies or objects are detected by the sonar, police said.

The search will resume Tuesday for the missing jet skier, who is believed to be a 51-year-old man, police said.

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