Can artificial intelligence decide the Greatest Of All Time debate?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the stuff of science fiction, but in the last year has become part of our daily lives. Impartial compared to a human, AI also is known to make mistakes, or even to make things up entirely. Does it have a potential role in helping us to make sense of highly subjective debates like which NBA players are the greatest of all time?

The folks behind the Hoopaholics YouTube channel decided to put it to the test, giving the popular AI website Chat GPT the task of ranking the top 20 players (including a few Boston Celtics) in league history. And while there are a few takes that might raise some eyebrows a bit, Chat GPT actually did a pretty solid job with the task.

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Even if they did have Bill Russell far too low for our liking.

Check out the clip embedded above to see how the experiment went.

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