Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties August 13, 2023 edition


Alexis Kupiec to Sheila M. Langton, G27 Mansion Woods Drive, $25,000.

Carol Grzywacz, representative, and Angelina C. Rossi to Charles A Rossi III, 35 Moore St., $130,000.

David C. Fazio, Carla A. Fazio and Carla A. Rigali to Ronald Maillet and Denise Maillet, 77 Independence Road, $462,000.

Jean M. Stowers and Charles H. Stowers to Ronald Scherban and Elaine Scherban, Castle Hills Road, Unit 28F, $310,000.

Jin-Rwei L. Chen, trustee, and Jin-Rwei L. Chen Revocable Trust, trustee of, to Judith P. Glenney, trustee, and Judith P. Glenney Living Trust, trustee of, 11 Mansion Woods Drive, Unit H, $305,000.

John P. Mulkern, Susan Mulkern and Susan Penna to Cansu Kayan, 29 Ruth Ave., $350,000.

Larisa Y. Dadayeva to Basia M. Oliveira, 148 Beekman Drive, $245,000.

Patricia A. Moller and Robert A. Moller to Cynthia J. Geiger, 1181 River Road, $301,000.

Ronald T. Scherban and Elaine S. Scherban to Michael D. Latourelle and Michelle L. Latourelle, 139 Meadowbrook Road, $398,000.

Sasanecki LLC, to Suffield St. Holdings LLC, 68 Moylan Lane, $1,925,000.

Shirley J. Chechile, Ronald W. Chechile, Donna M. Fay, Debra J. Chechile and Richard A. Fay to Hannah Bryla, 125 Beekman Drive, Unit 125, $230,000.

Thomas S. Albano, Margaret A. Albano and Karen M. Mair to Jordan Cree and Natashamay S. Cree, 29 Roberta Circle, $290,000.


Leslie Smith and Mary A. Taft to Alexander T. Liotta, Bridget A. Sadeghian and Sydney K. Cooke, 538 Market Hill Road, $775,000.

William Brady and Michael France Nelson to Tamara Agarwal and Gaurav Agarwal, 7 Foxglove Lane, $746,000.

Robert S. Lennen and Julia S. Lennen to Minou E. Sadeghi and Charissa Minou Melnik, 14 Autumn Lane, $415,000.

Sarah McKee to Bowen Lei, 9 Chadwick Court, $300,000.

Alison Greene-Barton, trustee, Alison Greene-Barton Family Trust and Brooks Caddell Barton Trust to Jonathan Dee Sipes and Hannah Fogel Spencer, 134 Tracy Circle, $400,500.

James R. Schattin and Lauren S. Schattin to Lauren S. Schattin, trustee, James R. Schattin, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Lauren S. Schattin, 522 Flat Hills Road, $100.

Nicholas J. Dufresne and Maya J. Marx to Samuel Peterfreund Xenos, 90 Memorial Drive, $648,500.

Farshid Abdi to Kelly Erwin and Warren Graham, 23 Webster Court, $299,125.

Chestnut Street Realty Partners LLC, to Kilerine Properties LLC, 76 Chestnut St., $485,000.

East Pleasant Street Partners LLC, to Wild Onion Rentals LLC, 194 College St., $365,000.

East Pleasant Street Partners LLC, to Wild Onion Rentals LLC, 1190-1192 North Pleasant St., $685,000.

Cape Cod Vacation Rentals LLC, to Joseph Kennedy, 95 East Pleasant St., $440,000.


Deborah J. Tacy to Louise H. Neidle, 699 Suburban Drive, $430,000.


Walter L. Mikulski Jr., and Brenda J. Mikulski to Clifford T. Meyers and Soukphachane Saysena, 112 Sheffield Drive, $490,000.

Joseph P. Desroches and Noreen E. Desroches to Jason P. Robinson, 7 Barton Ave., $385,125.

Michael J. Bishop and Jennafer J. Bishop to Zachary D. Parker and Kathleen M. Parker, 20 Green Ave., $478,200.

Irene Mariettos and John Mariettos to Nathan Pacheco and Sarah Fournier, 260 State St., $385,000.

Kimberly A. Desautels and Kimberly A. Murphy to Nathan E. Kiner and Lisa D. Kiner, 30 Terry Lane, $520,000.

Sandra Aldea Wilk to Hilary Hayes and Collin Hayes, 238 West St., $505,000.


Pharos Group LLC, to Jeana Bachinski, Off 497 Northfield Road, $7,500.


James J. Pazik and Debra A. Pazik to Rebecca Kerr and Asa Kerr, 64 Main St., $365,000.


Elissa Y. Splaine to Theodore M. Kubicki, 61 Oakwood Road, $100,000.

John Luszcz and Michele Luszcz to Anthony Soto and Lisa Ann Wong, 0 Holland Road, $174,900.

Mark Simonzi to Bell Point LLC, Warren Road, $6,000.


28-30 Ashfield St. LLC, to Deborah J. Tacy, 28-30 Ashfield St., $380,000.

Edward A. Reagey, Martha A. Keene and Mary Ellen Furey to Rhea S. Banker and Clare J. Chapman, Off School Street and Union Street, $5,000.


James S. Smith and Carole F. Smith to Rachel E. Rose, 55 North River Road, $338,000.


Tammy L. Wilder, personal representative, and Dorothy Beaulieu, estate, to Christopher M. Greenwood and Alexandria O’Neil Greenwood, 75 Willcutt Road, $269,000.


Bethzaida Colon to Holly Elizabeth Dill, 235 Montgomery St., $229,000.

Debra D. Theriault and Debra D. Juchno to James R. Theriault III, 19 Casey Drive, $218,750.

James R. Correa, trustee, and Fifteen Robinridge Realty Trust, trustee of, to Jeffrey Perron, 15 Robinridge Road, Unit 6028A, $210,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, to Tavernier Investments LLC, 166 Shepherd St., $279,000.

Laura A. Medeiros to Emily Parks, 218 Newbury St., $232,000.

Marlene A. Parent to Caren Ouellette-Bragg and Douglas Bragg, 178 Horseshoe Drive, $160,000.

Raymond E. Morin, representative, and Patricia A. Therrien, estate, to Sabrina Jaramillo and Wesley Cosby, 137 Skeele St., $255,000.

Waycon Inc., to Raymond J. Marion and Marie L. Marion, Stockbridge Street, Lot 16, $460,000.


Mark A. Wightman to Christopher Jason Miemiec and Kaitlyn O’Konis, 7A Oak Knoll Drive, $379,900.

East Longmeadow

John F. Simonich, David J. Simonich and Charles N. Simonich to Charles N. Simonich and Tara J. Gorman, 74 Rogers Road, $375,000.

Ryan Bliss Darnell and Brittany Novak to Kimberley Renay Strother, 68 Senecal Place, $780,000.

Tara M. Celani and Justin M. Celani to Irina Taylor, 37 Terry Lane, $650,000.


Roger D. Baker Jr., personal representative, and Robin M. Baker, estate, to Nineteen Lyman LLC, 19 Lyman Ave., $190,000.

James M. Bilger to James M. Bilger and Thomas S. Bilger, 124 Lovefield St., $100.

Lorraine M. Lebeau, Lorraine M. Lebeau, trustee, George J. Thibodo and Lorraine M. Lebeau Living Trust to Jennifer Gundersen, 177 Park St., $250,000.

Paul McMillan and Laurie McMillan to Jeffrey Scott Uzzel, 17 Laurin Lane, $553,000.

Brian E. Besko, personal representative, Edward Ronald Besko, estate, and Edward R. Besko Jr., estate, to Brian E. Besko and Courtney M. Besko, 8 David Richardson Circle, $237,000.

Brendan K. McKinney and Courtney McKinney to Joseph A. Andreoli and Johanna M. Andreoli, 29 Zabek Drive, $420,000.


Barbara M. Laczynski, “aka” Barbara N. Laczynski, to Woody C. Meiszner and Amy L. Proctor, 22 Franklin Road, $526,000.


Valerie A. Durant to James M. Durant and Lucimara Galo, 518 East St., $125,000.

James Pesuit, trustee, Eliza Pesuit, trustee, and Penny Moore Trust to James Pesuit and Eliza Pesuit, 10 Washington Road South, $100.

James Pesuit, trustee, Eliza Pesuit, trustee, and Penny Moore Trust to James Pesuit and Eliza Pesuit, 16 Washington Road South, $100.


Single Source Services LLC, to You & Me Investment LLC, Morgan Street, $95,000.


Gary E. King and Anne King, “aka” Ann King, to Alycar Investments LLC, 51-53 Place Terrace, $120,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, to Justine McCarthy, 182 Fairview St. W, $155,925.

George P. Libbares, trustee of the Christene M. Libbares Revocable Trust, to Mary Jean Geroulo, 74 Oakland St., $364,500.

Leigha M. Otto and Matthew B. Boria to ARPC LLC, 23 Laurel St., $177,000.

Alison M. Ovalle-Perez to Hummad Ijaz, 10 Southern Ave., $73,400.

Wheaton Mahoney, “aka” Wheaton A. B. Mahoney, and Rachel Bullock, trustees of the MCK 2017 Descendants Trust, to Robert L. Casey Jr., and Anna McCaw Casey, 661 Bernardston Road, $525,000.

Dominic Kirchner II, trustee of Methuselah Realty Trust, to Vince Andrew Keough Youngwell and Ricia Lorraine Youngwell-Socci, 426 Davis St., $289,987.

Dana Unaitis and Cailin Melendez, personal representatives of the Estate of Robert R. Wolanske, to Jesse Sevoian and Melissa Sevoian, 73 Meadow Lane, $351,000.

Xin Ou Zheng and Rongdan Chen to Anna Knecht, 2 Solon St., $240,000.


Colleen M. Osten to Colleen M. Osten, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Colleen M. Osten, 169 South Maple St., $100.

Frank R. Blajda, trustee, Carolyn A. Blajda, trustee, and Blajda Family Trust to Heather C. Blajda, 58 Comins Road, $100.

East Street Commons LLC, to Linda Selleck, 21 East Commons Drive, $480,900.

Philip W. St. Laurence and Lindsey A. St. Laurence to Lindsey A. St. Laurence, 116 Rocky Hill Road, $100.


Johanna Quinn Howland and Mark S. Howland to Brett D. Shorette and Shelley A. Shorette, 36 Ridge Road, $689,000.

Thomas Petzold to Gary Petzold Living Trust, 198 Ames Road, $275,000.


Michael George Hillard, personal representative, Stephen Dennis Hillard, estate, Stephen D. Hillard, estate, and Maureen Francis O’ Leary Hillard to Peter R. Norton and Stephen Norton, 3 Gore Ave., $395,000.


Richard C. McCarthy Jr., to Jessica Aligata, 178 Colrain Stage Road, $7,200.


Christopher H. Storer to Brittany Corson and Chad Keene, 16 Lake Drive, $310,000.

Douglas C. Curving and Jacquelin Buell-Budd Curving to Lori K. Goeckler, 9 Birch Drive, $100,000.

Mary M. Barton to Peter R. Laylin and Sara Liberty-Laylin, 27 Craig Road, $515,000.


Marianna M. Dimercurio and Marianna Dimercurio to Samuel M. Hamad, 48 Fairfield Ave., $325,000.

Q Perkins Real Estate Management LLC, to PQR Holdings LLC, 80 Jarvis Ave., $605,000.

Patricia M. Cervonayco, representative, and Wanda P. Konopacki, estate, to Michael Robert Bergman and Fatima Bergman, 58 Rugby St., $307,000.

Richard R. Duquette and Noranne W. Duquette to Kurt Bluemer, 13 Washington Ave., $290,000.


Sergiy Suprunchuk and Tetyana Suprunchuk to Dean A. Stoddard, 26 Worthington Road, $370,000.


Ashley M. Hanas and Patrick B. Hanas to Ana L. Woody and Bradley M. Woody, 9 Number Six Road, $301,000.


Blue Castle (Cayman) LTD, to Crabapple Realty LLC, 44 Tanglewood Drive, $465,000.

Bret F. Jackson and Margaret Rakas to Bobby Loguidice and Jill Bradley-Graham, 67 Shady Side Drive, $650,000.

Celso E. Dias and Vatsala Kirtani to Adam Lahti and Ruth Lahti, 181 Twin Hills Drive, $770,000.

John T. Doherty and Carrie A. Doherty to Daniel Babai and Jessica Babai, 144 Magnolia Circle, $757,500.

Jonathan W. Pinkston and Tammy D. Silakowski to Marshall Wade and Jing Wade, 460 Laurel St., $505,000.

Massachusetts Comm Attorney General, Jane A. Dziekonski and Homes Management LLC, receiver, to Homes Management LLC, 927 Converse St., $500,000.

Patrick G. Papadopulos, representative, and George W. Papadopulos, estate, to Timothy Frisch and Holly Prater-Frisch, 117 Dunsany Drive, $412,750.

Peter M. Payson III, Lori A. Payson and Lori A. Devine to Thomas Francis Prendergrast and Katelyn E. Prendergast, 36 Chatham Road, $540,000.


Domingo Tavarez to Melitsa Figueroa, 549 Alden St., $365,000.

Gerard N. Aubrey, trustee, Paul D. Boudreau, trustee, and Miller Street Nominee Trust, trustee of, to Elaine Daigneault and Lori A. Haryasz, 308 Miller St., Unit 75, $521,541.

Justin M. Silva to Fumi Realty Inc., 0 Shawinigan Drive, $145,000.

Kevin J. Leclaire to Jason Daniel Wegiel and Meagan Ann McCarthy, 46 Pinewood Road, $420,000.

Laurence P. Leroux and Rosa M. Leroux to Isatou Jallow and Dodou Bittaye, 29 Wedgewood Drive, $450,000.

Linda A. McCarthy, representative, Barbara Rose Robinson, estate, and Barbara Robinson, estate, to Nathan D. Pulowski and Ruth Moriah Pulowski, 735 Center St., $205,000.

Maureen L. Beauregard and David J. Beauregard to Michelle J. Brandrick and Christian D. Brandrick, 26 Aldo Drive, $260,000.

Vernadette Ortiz, Vernadette A. King-Hayes and Gary A. King to Donna M. Fountain, Faith A. King and James Thomas Page, 49 Circuit Ave., $120,000.

WestMass Area Development Corp., to Ludlow Mill Housing 2 Limited Partnership, 50 State St., Unit A, $2,000,000.


Craig D. McKelvey to TCI Holdings LLC, 113 Chipman Road, $230,000.


Frank W. Hull to Justin J. Cooley and Althea A. Cassidy, 246 Stafford Road, $339,000.

James E. Meurisse to Brett Curry and Jenny Curry, Stafford Road, $90,000.

JBK Capital Advisors LLC, to Steven Lenehan and Karen Lenehan, 25 Flynt Ave., $298,000.

Jennifer Aldrich to Kyle A. Longtin, 2 Country Club Lane, $299,000.


Justin J. Gould and Jeffrey D. Gould, trustees of the Linda S. Gould Family Irrevocable Trust, to Lighthouse West Trust LLC, 70 High St., $364,000.

Lynn M. Wiles to Dylan Rogers, 706 Fairway Ave., Unit 706 Fairway Condominium, $250,000.

Daniel S. Solomon and Jeanne E. Earley to Barbara M. Laczynski, 707 Fairway Ave., Unit 707 Fairway Condominium, $210,000.

Refined Design Homes Inc., to Mikal Viencek and Jenifer Viencek, 430 Turners Falls Road, $650,000.

David C. Brooks, trustee of the Deerfield Valley Management Trust, to Todd Langdon, 517 Federal St., $330,000.


Scott Ira Spiegel to Dorin Ben-Ami, 80 Damon Road, $165,000.

Cheryl A. Jacques to Jennifer W. Chrisler, 3 Tyler Circle, $100.

Sara T. Salem and Matthew Coes to Evangeline Marcella Heiliger, 18A Graves Ave., $250,000.

James Pesuit, trustee, Eliza Pesuit, trustee, and Penny Moore Trust to Penny Moore Capital LLC, 16 Armory St., $100.

James Pesuit, trustee, Penny Moore Trust and Eliza Pesuit, trustee, to Penny Moore Capital LLC, 68 Main St., $100.

Paul A. Mason and Jessica A. Mason to Kevin O. Byrne and Colleen M. Byrne, 399 Bridge Road, $361,000.

Mary H. Driscoll and Mary F. Hutchinson to David M. Hallerman and Catherine M. Martone, 20 Garfield Ave., $725,000.

Joshua Dion to Arielle L. Perry, 30 Village Hill Road, $290,000.

Allison S. Keefe, trustee, Jerome & Susan Szawlowski Family Trust to Christina Schoux Casey and Kirik Jenness, 56 Westwood Terrace, $349,000.

Mark R. Duffus and Jane E. Duffus to Richard Raftery and Stephanie Raftery, 243 Acrebrook Drive, $145,000.

Sandra L. Parent and Joseph M. Parent to Jennifer Banda, 900 Florence Road, $348,900.


Rebecca J. Eklund to Sheila Marie Piper, 50 Hamilton Ave., $285,000.

Kimberlyn M. Rushford Waugh, “fka” Kimberly M. Rushford Waugh, “fka” Kimberlyn M. Wattu, Donald A. Waugh and Travis Rushford to Oreste Carbone, 53 New Athol Road. $60,000.

Wilson Auto Parts LLC, to Michael Gelinas, 125 Eagleville Road, $575,000.

Todd Wilson to Michael Gelinas, 135 Eagleville Road., $65,000.

Stephen Anderson to Antroy Cleghorn and Karen Beliah, 73-75 Summit St., $33,000.


Angelica Howlett to JJB Builders Corp., 2022 Maple St., $150,100.

Ashleigh Sturgis and Devan Cohen to Matthew Derek Hanks and Melissa Ann Hanks, 169 Thompson St., $515,000.

Flora B. Thomas to Charles Furtado Teixeira, Jennifer Teixeira, Carlos Teixeira and Lilia Teixeira, 1117 South Main St., $230,000.

Timothy Cienciwa and Vanessa Ayla Cienciwa to Francesca Caramante, 166 Breckenridge St., $500,000.

Wicked Deals LLC, to Heather M. Mellish, 138 Jim Ash Road, $350,000.


Daniel G. Griswold and Kristine M.P. Griswold to Judith A. Meskill, 5 Arnold Road, $585,000.


H. Thomas Zyduck to Edward Stockman and Christine Stockman, Summit Street, $66,500.


Strathmore Holdings LLC, to Strathmore Village LLC, 34 Valley View Ave., $25,000.

Vanessa Morin and John A. Bishop to Tyler Chrystal, 770 Blandford Road, $211,000.


Shelburne Falls Realty Corp., to Regenerative Development LLC, 55 Water St., $235,000.

Noble Home LLC, to Davin G. Ojala, 95 Main St., $429,000.

Wicked Deals LLC, to David M. Wagstaff, 65 Fiske Mill Road, $225,000.


Eric Sheehan and Jennifer M. Cheever to Robert Hendren and Kelli Hendren, 295 Montague Road, $695,000.

South Hadley

Joshua P. Lenardson and Caitlin Lenardson to Kayden O’Sullivan and Jacob Laughlin, 32 Saybrook Circle, $307,500.

Bridget K. Carroll and Lee S. Carroll to Casey Berger and Justin H. Baumann, 175 Lathrop St., $391,500.

Salvatore J. Prince and Lori L. Prince to Lee Carroll and Bridget K. Carroll, 15 Chestnut Hill Road, $455,000.

Brett Remillard, trustee, and Brett Remillard to Lori Prince, 17 Taylor St., $278,000.

Zhi Q. Tan to Kathleen Menard, Jessica Proulx and Brady Holt, 37 Richview Ave., $450,000.

Elyse R. Ness and Richard E. Ness to David Norman Giguere, 30 Leahey Ave., $454,100.

Lacoste Properties LLC, to 11 Pleasant Street RE LLC, 11 Pleasant St., $515,000.

C. Eva Thomson and David E. Artzerounian to John Inniss Howell and Jennifer Bassak Howell, 8 Dove Hill, $1,150,000.

Carroll V. Perez to Christine J. O’Hare, 102 Pine Grove Drive, $410,000.


Ryan Harris Hodder and Melissa Rosario to Cornelia Marie Dennehy, 307 College Highway, $390,000.

Michael J. McKenna and Lori McKenna to Kara McKenna, trustee, Colin McKenna, trustee, and Michael J. McKenna & Lori A. McKenna Irrevocable Trust, 209 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $100.


Erik J. Pori to Kevin Learned and Lauren Learned, 172 South Longyard Road, $390,000.

Gary R. Francoeur and Kelly J. Francoeur to James A. Doyle and Lori A. Doyle, 30 Southwick Hill, Unit 22A, $405,000.

Michael A. Jensen and Jan S. Jensen to Elizabeth A. Guthrie and David M. Guthrie, 8 Coyote Glen, $675,000.


935 Liberty Street LLC, to Blanca J. Loja Guanmanrrigra, 935 Liberty St., $375,000.

Alexander Lozada and Brittany Pickett to Kaila Plumb and Richard Plumb, 45 Slumber Lane, $267,000.

Alice E. Ross to William Robinson III, 1446 Wilbraham Road, $291,000.

Angel Villar and Ruth Villar to Darcelyn Green, 23 Calhoun St., $250,000.

Anh Giang Tran and Angie M. Nguyen to Chenghua Deng, 14 Scarsdale Road, $290,000.

Anis K. Sarrage to Manuel F. Enamorado, 21-23 Ozark St., $230,000.

DDM Page LLC, to K Sacco Realty LLC, 0 Rose Place, $205,000.

Ernest Rental LLC, to Jennifer Marie Staples, 5 County St., $265,000.

Ernesto Martinez and Jesus Alberto Posada to Keiry Marquez, 120-122 Orange St., $265,000.

Harry H. Derderian Jr., and Marion Merigian to Ashraf M. Galal, 29 Pasco Road, $183,000.

Harry H. Derderian Jr., and Marion Merigian to Ashraf M. Galal, Pasco Road, $17,000.

Hyman G. Darling, representative, and Kenny Barlow, estate, to John Scibelli, 56 Vann St., $252,500.

John J. Barr III, John J. Barr, Sharon A. Barr and Sharon A. Wells to Donna Brown, 20 Danaher Circle, $280,000.

Joseph J. Griffin and Kimberly J. Griffin to Mariluz Davila, 103 Northway Drive, $370,000.

Kevin D. Tran and Viet Trung T. Dang to Omayra Heredia and Ruth Valles, 16 Nelson Ave., $305,000.

Lady S. Montero and Lady S. Bedoya to Luke Curtis Levesque and Carl Joseph Levesque, 242 Pheland St., $265,000.

Lasasha R. Lemons-Taylor to Jazmine Bautista, 69-71 Willard Ave., $377,000.

Luis D. Avila and Ruth M. Avila to Brandyn John Warren and Liza Beth Cannamela, 1448 Plumtree Road, $320,000.

Luis Jose Rattia and Stephen Reynolds to Luke M. Hollwedel and Mary J. Hollwedel, 257 Fort Pleasant Ave., $400,000.

Mamba Capital LLC, to Global Homes Properties LLC, 0 Slumber Lane, $70,000.

Maria L. Hernandez to Christopher Pousland and Danielle Salvato, 194 Hancock St., $190,000.

Mark E. Barcomb, trustee, and Big Daddy Trust, trustee of, to Jonathan Long, 273-275 East St., $345,000.

Miguel A. Maysonet to Carlos Portillo, 28 Meredith St., $310,000.

Miguel A. Sosa, Antonio Sosa, Miguel Antonio Sosa, Sigrid M. Sosa, Ingrid Marie Sosa and Ingrid M. Serrano to Jeffrey Castro, 83 Warrenton St., $282,000.

Nicholas Mercolino and Elizabeth Frances Mercolino to MLM Holdings LLC, 133 Pine Grove Drive, $210,000.

Pah Properties LLC, and Pah Proerties LLC, to Steven Fines Rivera, 108 Ellsworth Ave., $300,000.

Ralph J. Cocchi to Peter Daviau and Savannah Daviau, 84 Woodlawn St., $235,000.

Steven E. Zeimbekakis to Posiadlosc LLC, 17-19 Washington St., $192,000.

WF Real Estate Holdings LLC, to Sergey Dikan, 298 Tyler St., $1,500.

Wicked Deals LLC, to Diaz Properties LLC, 89 Gatewood Road, $200,000.


Monterey Rose LLC, to Matthew Pipczynski, 149 Hadley Road, $515,000.


Shirley M. Moccio, trustee, Vincent G. Moccio, trustee, and Trust Moccio Family Revocable Living, trustee of, to 128 Lands End LLC, 128 Lands End Drive, $470,000.


Cecile Housand to Stephen Edwards, 39 Main St., $310,000.

Dennis F. Gorman, representative, and John B. Wolanski, estate, to Christine M. Randall, 93 Monson Road, $150,000.


Nelson Villacis-Bohorquez and Ana Fuentes-Villacis to Jasmynn Daley-Giunta, 14 Park Ave., $212,500.

Jacek A. Sadowicz and Alicja A. Sadowicz to Heather A. Newman, 6 3rd Ave., $264,000.

James O’Neill, Simon James O’Neill and Marcy Lyn O’Neill to Ryan L. Fischer and Andrea R. Fischer, 76 River Road, $395,500.

Lovett Properties LLC, to CKG Properties LLC, 109 West St., $200,000.


Joanna R. Moest, “fka” Joanna R. Maiewski, to David R. Misek, 174 Locke Hill Road, $390,000.

West Springfield

ACG Real Estate Holdings LLC, to Sada Properties LLC, 1618 Memorial Ave., Unit 1B, $102,000.

ACG Real Estate Holdings LLC, to Sada Properties LLC, 1618 Memorial Ave., Unit 2A, $102,000.

Alan Nathanson Sharpe, receiver, Karen Lee Gordon, Karen L. Kryla, Robert George Gordon and Robert G. Gordon Jr., to URL Properties LLC, 63 Hampden St., $281,500.

Atlantis Real Estate LLC, to Abo Fuels LLC, 884 Westfield St., $1,700,000.

John Bobrowski and Katherine A. Mouchantant to Nourredine C. Noureddine, 37 Hathorne Ave., $270,000.

Sergey Gladysh and Irina P. Gladysh to Pavlo Kravchenko, 74 Hanover St., $276,000.

Sylvia A. Hunter to Edward Denette and Amy Denette, 276 Hillcrest Ave., $310,000.


Andrey N. Novenko and Anzhelika Novenko to Brendan McKinney and Courtney McKinney, 43 Gifford Ave., $610,000.

Audrey J. Fisher and Gayle E. Fisher to Jeffrey T. Vandeberghe, 204 Russell Road, Unit F, $314,000.

Birdie Properties LLC, to Brandi Begin and Ryan Begin, 3 Old Farm Road, $306,000.

Eliana I. Terry, Eliana I. Lakritz and William E. Terry III, to Timothy K. Barut, 204 Apple Blossom Lane, $330,000.

James A. Wynegar to Abigail Rix, 29 Pleasant St., $280,000.

Jennifer P. Smidy to Edward Hagelstein III, and Stephanie Rochelle Desmond, 14 Sylvan Drive, $435,000.

Joseph G. Flahive and Marie A. Flahive to J&M Realty LLC, 29-31 Union St., $310,000.

Kimbery A. Krupa to Destiny M. Rodriguez, 704 Russell Road, Unit C, $175,000.

Muhammad H. Chaudhry to Rory Benjamin King and Alexandra Rose Bertagnolli King, 45 Cardinal Lane, $620,000.

Nancy R. Pezzini-Pasquini, Nancy R. Pasquini, Linda Pezzini, Suzanne Pezzini Tracy and Deborah Anne Duarte Defeo to Hometown Holdings LLC, 0 North Road, $766,500.

Nancy R. Pezzini-Pasquini, Nancy R. Pasquini, Linda Pezzini, Suzanne Pezzini Tracy and Deborah Anne Duarte Defeo to Tang Properties LLC, 181 Gun Club Road, $533,500.


Richard H. Tillberg and Anthoula M. Reiss, trustees of the Sycamore Tree Investment Trust to Edward Clement Lee, 186 River Road, $522,000.


Colleen A. Ferry and Colleen A. Sheldon-Ferry to Jennifer Smolnik and Carric Michael Smolnik, 4 Conifer Drive, $500,000.

Eastlawn LLC, to SZF Properties LLC, 787 Stony Hill Road, $107,500.

Edith A. Keech, representative, and Steven M. Gray, estate, to SZF Properties LLC, 787 Stony Hill Road, $107,500.

Elsie Lucier Realty Trust, trustee of, and Denise A. Lucier, trustee, to Anthony Carnevale, 771-773 Stony Hill Road, $315,000.

Ida B. Wilcox, trustee, Candace Sciarra, trustee, and Ida B. Wilcox Revocable Trust, trustee of, to David J. Allen and Ann F. Allen, 49 High Pine Circle, $457,000.

Jason Daniel Wegiel and Meagan Ann McCarthy to Kevin J. LeClaire, 2205 Boston Road, Unit M122, $300,000.

Marcella Hall to Fumi Realty Inc., 19 Hunting Lane, $195,000.

Michael E. Pietras and Christina S. Pietras to Jonathan Paixao, 580 Ridge Road, $235,000.

Scott Lockwood Rodman, trustee, Scott L. Rodman, trustee, and Cynthia W. Rodman Revocable Trust, trustee of, to Anthony Saverio Zeoli, trustee, Judith Ann Zeoli, trustee, and Juanita Realty Trust, trustee of, 93 Cherry Drive, $549,900.

Stanley M. Orlowski and Karly D. Orlowski to Alexander S. Monast and Rebecca E. Monast, 3 Birch St., $319,000.

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