Anne-Louise Smallen: President Joe Biden accomplishments are huge

Published: 8/13/2023 9:44:32 AM

I like Joe Biden as president. He is politically savvy, intelligent, and wise. He understands his job and does not let his ego interfere with his goals.

He has battled Big Pharma to decrease prices making pharmaceuticals like insulin more affordable.

Jobs have increased during Biden’s presidency. Unemployment has gone from 6.3% when he took office to 3.9%, the lowest since 1969. Disposable income is growing faster while inflation is falling.

Biden has tackled my number one concern. He has rejoined the International Paris Climate Accord after Trump took America out. Working with global players is the only way to slow climate change: extreme heat, floods wiping countries off the map, storms causing catastrophes. Can you imagine Donald Trump tackling climate change when polluters dangle money in his face? Our world might not survive!

Our country worships guns and the U.S. has “off the chart” mass murders. I trust President Biden more than his critics with our safety. Democrats better care about minorities: Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ, people with disabilities.

Biden is standing up to China and Russia. Countries like Finland joined NATO or want to join in the future ( Ukraine). Have you seen any country in Europe wanting to join the Russia alliance or China in Asia? Probably not! President Biden has re-established the U.S. as a leader of the free world, and has had major victories and successes. I like the guy and wanted to share.

Anne-Louise Smallen


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