Holyoke residents alarmed by Fentanyl waste and needles

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Some Holyoke residents have been finding several fentanyl containers and needles at public parks, the streets, and even their yards.

It’s now become a major concern among those who live in the city. A Holyoke resident says she found fentanyl containers and a needle near Maple Street in Holyoke.

If you have not seen these fentanyl trash cans, they come in several different colors and are often found open. Last month, 22News also found some in McNulty Park, and While Holyoke police say these containers are not new to the streets, Elizabeth from Holyoke says she is concerned for the safety of Holyoke residents as fentanyl can be deadly.

“It’s concerning to see because obviously its a big safety hazard and with all the violence and stuff that is really going on in Holyoke and all these other places, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of people a little bit more, that way people are aware just of what’s going on,” said Elizabeth Tkacz.

She also contacted the board of health to properly dispose of the fentanyl cans and the needle but she says the response time has not been the best. if you happen to see these containers— police say residents should avoid touching them and give them a call.

Kiara Smith is a reporter who has been a part of the 22News team since March 2023. Follow Kiara on Twitter @KiaraBSmith1 and view her bio to see more of her work.

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