Sportswriter Kyle Grabowski joins Daily News staff

Hello, MetroWest and Milford. My name is Kyle Grabowski and I’ll be your newest sports writer.

I lived in western Massachusetts for the past almost eight years covering just about everything for the Daily Hampshire Gazette before making my way to this part of the state. That includes a UMass hockey national championship in 2021, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Induction last weekend, Olympians, Euro-tripping cyclists, high school football, golf and every sport in between.

The common thread through every worthwhile thing I’ve written is people. I love a good story. It’s what made me want to write grand science-fiction novels as a kid growing up in Colorado. I was set on going to Harvard to be an author.

But every morning I’d take the Denver Post from my dad and pick out the comics section and sports page. Eventually he told me, “you could do that.” Turns out I can.

My journalism career began shortly after as a high school sports correspondent for our local weekly the Fairplay Flume covering South Park High School. Yes, it is a real place.

I gave up on Harvard pretty quickly and made my way to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. If I wasn’t sure about becoming a sportswriter – and many told me I’d probably change my mind, that’s how college works – writing about CSU sports and meeting the people in that newsroom solidified it for me. This was what I’d do with my life.

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