2024 Springfield Sportshow hosted at The Eastern States Exposition

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Fishing and hunting vendors from across New England are sharing their knowledge of the sport with the western Massachusetts community.

What You Need To Know

  • The 2024 Springfield Sportshow was held Sunday at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield
  • MassWildlife said many people have picked up fishing and hunting as a hobby in recent years
  • MassWildlife said beginning fishers should be patient as it is not easy to catch fish
  • MassWildlife said beginning hunters should also practice looking for the signs that animals leave behind in the woods for better results

It’s part of the 2024 Springfield Sportsmen’s Show at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield. 

MassWildlife fishing instructor Michael Lamontagne said many people have picked up fishing and hunting as a hobby in recent years.

“A lot more people want to get into fishing and hunting,” Lamontagne said. “During Covid, it was a lot of canoes and kayaks in places around the Connecticut River. A lot of people are getting out, and now that they’ve been introduced to it they really want to get back into it.”

Lamontagne said there are plenty of aspects to fishing, including learning how to bait a hook, how to cast a line and how to identify a fish. He offered some major keys to catching fish.

“Fish where the fish are,” Lamontagne laughed. “No seriously, you’re not always going to catch a fish, if it was that way it’d be called catching. You’re not going to be lucky all the time. There are some good fish out there. Massachusetts stocks quite a few beautiful rainbow trout and brown trout.” 

Lamontage said hunting can also be difficult for beginners, specifically when it comes to finding prey.

He said one way to improve is paying attention to signs in the woods left by the animals.

“Finding the droppings,” he said. “The right droppings and finding the rub marks on the trees and the scrape marks on the ground, there’s a lot to get into. Stocking pheasants. They stock a lot of pheasants in Massachusetts and that’s a great way to start hunting.”

Lamontage said MassWildlife offers classes and online resources for beginners who are interested in getting into the sport.

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